Choosing the Encircle the boldface word that more satisfactorily Right Word completes each of the following sentences.Today scientists smile wryly at the (preposterous, sterling) notion that the earth is flat, but in earlier times it was an accepted fact.


Answer 1


- Preposterous.


As per the question, the boldfaced word that best accomplishes the given sentence would be 'preposterous' as the another option goes completely out of context. The word 'preposterous' implies 'something absurd or ludicrous which is contrary to common sense' that appropriately fits to the context of the sentence and completes as well as accomplishes its meaning. After using this word, the sentence would imply that however, in earlier times the consideration of Earth as flat was an accepted fact but for today's scientist it is simply 'preposterous' or 'senseless or shocking'.

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The phrase Lewis uses to describe her relationship with Dickinson is tortured relationship with Dickinson.

What is Emily Dickinson mainly known for?

Emily Dickinson is considered one of the leading 19th-century American poets, known for her bold original verse, which stands out for its epigrammatic compression, haunting personal voice, and enigmatic brilliance. But it was only in the 20th century that other leading writers including Hart Crane, Allen Tate, and Elizabeth Bishop registered her greatness.

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no answer


Final answer:

The features of “Paul Revere’s Ride” that support the answer to Part A include the portrayal of Paul Revere as a patriot and hero, the depiction of the British troops' secret mission, and the description of the militia's response to the British retreat.


The features of “Paul Revere’s Ride” that best support the answer to Part A are the portrayal of Paul Revere as a patriot and hero, the depiction of the British troops' secret mission to seize munitions in Concord, and the description of the militia's response to the British retreat.

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