There are three general steps in becoming a culturally competent professional. These include which of these steps?becoming culturally aware
becoming a culturally competent communicator
becoming a culturally competent communicator


Answer 1


becoming a culturally competent communicator

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A situation in which I try to hold onto my life for fear of losing so many things that are important to me is an example of: a. Death-related attitudes about the dying, death, or bereavement of someone else b. Death-related attitudes about my own dying c. Death-related attitudes about my own death d. Death-related attitudes about what will happen to me after my death e. None of these
Which feature of the U.S. Constitution makes it adaptable to changing times?A. permitting freedom of religionB. providing for the nation's defenseC. conducting local electionsD. Passing amendments
Drag each statement to the correct location on the chart.Classify the events as being a cause or an effect of pollution.urbanizationoil spillsmogdesertificationdeforestationleaky landfillcontaminated water
Scratch ploughs were often pulled byA. COWSB. goatsC. sheepD. donkeys
Does it matter that Groupon reported its weakness in internal controls as a disclosure control under SOX Section 302 rather than pointing it out in its report on internal controls under Section 404

"Urban Populations" should fall under which sections of your organizer?a. Topic
C. Both of these
b. Content
d. None of these
Please select the best answer from the choices provided
Α topic
Cloth of these
Donne of there



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What are the characteristics of the each types of societies we have in sociology ​






These are small, simple societies in which people hunt and gather food. Because all people in these societies have few possessions, the societies are fairly egalitarian, and the degree of inequality is very low.

Horticultural and pastoral Horticultural and pastoral societies are larger than hunting-and-gathering societies. Horticultural societies grow crops with simple tools, while pastoral societies raise livestock. Both types of societies are wealthier than hunting-and-gathering societies, and they also have more inequality and greater conflict than hunting-and-gathering societies.

Agricultural These societies grow great numbers of crops, thanks to the use of plows, oxen, and other devices. Compared to horticultural and pastoral societies, they are wealthier and have a higher degree of conflict and of inequality.

Industrial Industrial societies feature factories and machines. They are wealthier than agricultural societies and have a greater sense of individualism and a somewhat lower degree of inequality that still remains substantial.

Postindustrial These societies feature information technology and service jobs. Higher education is especially important in these societies for economic success.

Early anti-drug campaign ads were equally effective at influencing public opinion and changing offender behavior.True or false?


The correct answer is True

Explanation: Anti-drug campaign ads are equally effective at influencing public opinion and changing offender behavior.

What do the weapons and the soldiers in the cartoon represent?Hint: Look at the map from the previous lesson.



In the cartoon, the weapons and the soldiers represent the desecration of womanhood by men with socially-imposed restrictions.  This is the level to which men have reduced women in some societies, the level of oppressed servitude.


The cartoon depicting a general or monarch on a carriage suspended under the body of a woman in chains with two other soldiers on the two sides is an epitome of wickedness.  It shows the burdens to which women are generally subjected to in our societies.  Who are the perpetrators of such evil?  Do they have some heart of flesh?  And this questions the love that is shared by both sexes.  Is it true love or satisfaction of passionate lust?

An English professor asks her students who their favorite character is in the novel they are reading. What is the level of measurement of the data?





This question is missing its options. The options for this question are:

a) Nominal

b) Ordinal

c) Ratio

d) Interval

In statistics and research, there are different types of data. One of these types of data is the nominal data.

Nominal variables or data are variables that don't have any quantitative or numerical value. In other words, they usually refer to categories or names.

In this example, a professor asks her students who their favorite character in a novel is. We can see that the names of the characters don't have any numerical value and the possible options are names. Therefore, this would be a nominal measurement of the data.

Answer: nominal data


Nominal data is the process used to label variables without providing any quantitative value. This can be use to label series of value, In statistics, there are four data measurement scales: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio

In the United States, there is a focus on leisure, self-fulfillment, physical fitness, feeling young, and concern for the environment. This emerging value cluster is a response to fundamental changes in ________.


The emphasis in the United States is on leisure, self-fulfillment, physical fitness, feeling youthful, and environmental awareness. The emerging value cluster is a response to fundamental changes in society.

The emergence of a value cluster in the US is a reaction to societal shifts including the move to a service-based economy and increasing environmental consciousness.

  • It emphasizes the value of one's own health, freedom of expression, and commitment to environmental preservation.
  • The transition from an economy that was predominantly industrial to one that is increasingly service-based is one fundamental development that has impacted this value cluster.
  • People are looking for fulfillment outside of work, therefore as manufacturing employment has diminished, leisure and self-fulfillment have become more important.

Therefore, The emerging value cluster is a response to fundamental changes in society. Thus, the correct answer is Society.

Learn more about value clusters here,


Answer:Es la vida