Marta got 60% off a pair of shoes. If theshoes cost $15.90 (before sales tax), what was the
original price of the shoes?


Answer 1
Answer: $25! Think about it, to get $15.90 as your discounted price, the unknown number must be multiplied by 60% to get $15.90. If you wanna find the original price, do the opposite! What is $15.90 divided by .6? $25!
Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

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I need help, I have tried looking it up but can’t find any help
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Use the Distributive property to rewrite each expression in it's equivalent form -7y(4-y)
please show your work !!
hello students from all over the world ! please , someone be kind enough to help me on this math problem ( if u are in 7th grade or higher u can handle it !) :)
grade of the question : 7th grade
subject : math, please help me thanks !! :)


The arrows indicate that you multiply each one, that way you don't forget in the long run, especially once you get to multistep algebraic equation.

So first you multiply the -7y by the 4 and you get -28y, if you remember a negative times a positive is a negative (I like to think of it as bad things that happen to good people is a  bad thing ;) ) Now you take the -7y, because you have to multiply it by both numbers in the parenthesis, and multiply it to the -y, and since when you multiply two y's together it becomes squared it is 7y^2 (squared) and since both are negative, they cancel out and become a positive (bad things that happen to bad people is a good thing in a sense) So therefore your answer for the equivalence is 7y^2 + -28y

Hope that helped, my math teacher has a lot of tricks for remembering this stuff :)

Distributive property is just saying multiply something. So you get -7y times 4, that gives you -28y for the other part you are going to do the same. But in this time y is being multiplied by it self so that mean that it is going to be something with an exponent. The answer for the second part is 7y^2 it turned into a positive because a nagar ice times a negative turns into a positive.

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25/50 = 1/2 soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Bonnie and some friends went to an amusement park. They bought rve of thesame lunches and 3 desserts and spent a total of $60.25 on the food. Eachdessert costs $5.25 less than one of the lunches.a. Detine a variable: Write an equation that can be used to find the cost oflunch.b. Solve the equation to find the cost of a lunch.en5.2


Let the variable be the cost of the lunch: x

so they bought 5 lunches: 5x
deserts are cheaper than lunches; they cost:
So together they paid:

(we know how much they paid, so we can make an equation)

Let's remove the bracket:

8x-15.75=60.25//we add 15.75 to both sides:
and divide by 8:

So each lunch costs 9.5 dollars!

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64cm :)
is the answer to you question

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Step-by-step explanation:

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To find the median, we must order the numbers. 


Now see which one is in the middle. 

We are stuck between 14 and 15, so what is between those?
14.5 is between 14 and 15, so that is the median. 

Answer: 14.5 is the median