The formula to calculate population density is blank a land area / number of populations be number of populations / land area see numbers of organisms in a religion / land area DeLand area divided number of organisms in a region


Answer 1


A. dividing the number of organisms in a region by the land area


correct on edge

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The cells in our body are actually quite similar to unicellular organisms. They need food for energy, they communicate with the cells around them, and they create waste.However, there are major differences as well. One difference is thatA) only our body cells contain organelles. B) only unicellular organisms contain organelles. C) our body cells cannot survive on their own, while the unicellular organism can. D) our body cells can survive on their own, while the unicellular organism can not.
Whet era does the rock of the Canadian Shield date back to
What evidence have you discovered to explain some ways that different types of animals are provided with structure and support?????
Which of the following is not a source of genetic variation?
What cell fragments help the blood to clot

What is one result of meiosis? A.
a larger organism

identical daughter cells

repair of damaged cells

formation of gametes


The answer is D. formation of gametes. Meiosis is a cell division during which the number of chromosomes of a cell is reduced by half. Gametes are formed as the result of meiosis. Unlike mitosis, the result of meiosis won't be either identical daughter cells because they will not be identical to mother cells since their number of chromosomes is reduced by half.


The answer is D.


I took the test and got 100% on it

Some plastics are made from corn. These plastics are biodegradable. This means that plastics made from corn will _______________________ than regular plastic


Well, first of all, the word BIODEGRADABLE refers to subsatnces, mostly organic substances which are easily decomposed by living organisms. However, the question says that the corn plastics are biodegradable, which means they decompose. So i believe the answer to this is that the corn plastics decompose faster than the regular plastics. So basically, the answer should be;
This means that plastics made from corn will DECOMPOSE FASTER than regular plastics. Hope i helped. Have a nice day.

Movement of water across a membrane is called ______. A. osmosis B. mitosis C. diffusion D. active transport.PLEASE HELP


I agree the answer is osmosis

diffusion deals with movement of particles from high to low concentration. For example you drop food coloring into water. The food coloring diffuses.

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A. Osmosis
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Which of these is an example of mutualism?A -Cattle egret eats the exposed insects as the cattle graze
B -Honeybee pollinates a flower while gathering nectar
C -Tick gains nourishment by sucking blood from a dog
D -Two bucks fight to gain territory and to gain a mate


The correct answer is B. Honeybee pollinates a flower while gathering nectar.

Mutualism is an interspecific interaction between two species in which both the species are benefited from the interaction. Honeybee visits flower to collect nectar for its food. In the process of collecting nectar, pollen grains stuck to its body. Flower gets pollinated when hone bee visits another flower. Thus, both  honeybee and plants get benefit from this interaction.    

its B cause it the both good for each other

Describe three reasons that why meiosis is important



I) For gametes formation

II) For pollen grain formation

III) For seed formation


The importance of meiosis are:

- gamete formation

During meiosis, sex cells such as sperms and ova are formed in the testes and ovary respectively

- pollen grain formation

Pollen grain are formed in the anthers of flowering plants

- Seed formation

Seeds also known as ovules, are formed in the ovary of flowering plants

The results of investigating a technological design A. can be presented orally, in writing, or both. B. can be presented only in writing. C. can be presented only orally. D. cannot be presented orally or in writing.


The correct answer is A.

Answer:oral presentation