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Answer:     B

Step-by-step explanation:

9:5 is not equivalent to 5:9, 5 to 9, and 5/9

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6. Paula has 12 more beads than John has. Together they have 84 beads. How many beads does Paula have?
A rental hall charges a fee of $450 to rent the hall plus $15 per guest. The total cost c, of renting the hall for a party for g guest is given by the formula c 450+15g
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Please help me math problem


To solve this problem, you add all the numbers together and divide by the total amount of things. In this case, there are six scores, 210, 195, 213, 201, 226, and 155. You would add all of these things together, and then divide by six. All of these things added together equals 1,200. This divided by 6 is 200. David's average score would be a. 200. Hope this helps!

Whats 8x6 I need help with my math


The value of expression 8 × 6 is,

⇒ 48

What is Multiplication?

To multiply means to add a number to itself a particular number of times. Multiplication can be viewed as a process of repeated addition.

Given that;

The expression is,

⇒ 8 × 6

Now, After multiplication, we get;

⇒ 8 × 6

⇒ 48

Learn more about the multiplication visit:


8x6= 48 
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Graph f(x) = (1/3)^x+1



The graph is attached below.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the function


Exponentiation function have a horizontal Asymptotes.

Finding the horizontal Asymptotes

\mathrm{Exponential\:function\:of\:the\:form}\:f\left(x\right)\:=c\cdot \:n^(ax+b)+k\:





Finding y-intercepts



\mathrm{Apply\:rule}\:a^0=1,\:a\ne \:0






The graph is attached below.

There are 107 teams and 19 people on each team. how many people are on teams ?


Basically, to find this, you just have to multiply the number of teams by the number of people on each team.  If there are 107 teams with 19 people on each, then you multiply 107 by 19 to find the total number of people.

107 x 19 = 2033

So, there are 2033 people on teams in total.
the answer is 2033 

107 teams with 19 people on each team is 2033

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Three brothers share 2 sandwiches equally. Hoe much of a sandwich does each brother get?


U will get 1.5 as you're answer or 2 divided by 3
Divide 3 by 2 to get 1.5

2x + (3 - x) how do I do this


okay so you would do it like this

2x + (3 - x)

2x + 3 - x

x + 3

the answer would be x + 3

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Following PEMDAS, the parentheses comes first. Essentially, (3 - x) is times 1, which removes the parentheses. So 2x + 3 - x. Subtract the x first. This leaves x + 3.