There are 18 girls and 24 boys who want to praticipate in a triva challenge. If each team must have the same number of girls and boys, what is the greatest number of teams that can enter? How many boys and girls will be on each team?


Answer 1
Answer: You find the least common multiple which is 2. So the greatest # of teams is 9 with 2 persons on each team.
Answer 2
Answer: Nine teams with one girl and one boy

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Hi please could you answer the single question in the attachment.Please show full working out. Thanks.
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Put these in order of size, smallest first:
0.4, 60%, 1/5


1/5, 0.4, then 60%.  Because if you multiply 0.4 by 100, you get 40%, and then you do the same thing for 1/5.

1/5 , 0.4, 60%        1/5 converts by dividing 5 into the 1 =0.2 or 20%   the 0.4 = 40% move the decimal point to the right to convert from decimal to the percentage then line

up from smallest number to largest   1/5, 0.4,  60%

A TV has a listed price of $877.99 before tax. If the sales tax rate is 7.5%, find the total cost of the TV with sales tax included.



The tax, 9.5% of $671.95, is found by multiplying. Then we add that to the listed price to get the price out the door...


.095(671.95) = $63.84

671.95 + 63.84 = $735.79

Step-by-step explanation:

$735.39 is the answer

I have two names, i can make a good tiling pattern. I am symmetrical in 2 ways, all my corners are the same size and 2 pairs of equal sides what am i?



A rectangle can also be called a quadrilateral, the two length sides are the same and the two height sides are the same. All the angles are 90°, and tiling patterns need to be something that tessellates, and rectangles tessellate. 

An 8.5 centimeter green bean pod contains peas that average 0.45 centimeter in diameter. How many peas are in the pod?



18 peas

Step-by-step explanation:

The length of a green bean pod = 8.5 centimeters

Pod contains peas that average in diameter = 0.45 centimeters.

Now we have to calculate the number of peas contains in the pod.

Therefore, we will divide the diameter of peas to the length of the pod.

= \frac{\text{length of been pod}}{\text{Diameter of peas}}

= (8.5)/(0.45)

= 18.89 ≈ 18 peas

Therefore,A green bean pod contains 18 peas.

8.5 / 0.45 = 18.89.....and since u cant have 0.89 of a pea, ur answer would be 18 peas.

a third grade class is growing bean plants. the list below shows the height of the plants. use the information to complete the line plot


u need the rest of the info

Solve for x and y please!



x = 8


Step-by-step explanation:

The figure is composed of 3 Right triangles. To find the values of the variables x and y we use the Pythagorean theorem to propose one equation.

x^2 =4^2 + (4√(3))^2

 Now we solve for x

x=\sqrt{4^2 + (4√(3))^2}

x=√(16 +16*3)\n\nx=√(64)\n\nx=8

Let's call z at the angle opposite to y

Then we have that:

sin(z) =(opposite)/(hypotenuse)


hypotenuse = 8


sin(z) =(4)/(8)



Now we use this angle to find the length y

sin(z) =(opposite)/(hypotenuse)

Where in this case

hypotenuse = 4√(3)



sin(30\°) =(y)/(4√(3))