1. Using the 20 point perceived exertion scale, listed above, rate the level of exertion you might have whileparticipating in each of the following Olympic events.
2. Explain why you gave your answer for each sport.
Summer Olympic Sports
Synchronized Swimming
Marathon (26.2 mile running race)
Water Polo


Answer 1




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Cheryl has difficulty making friends. She frequently argues with her peers and is mean to them. Her poor peer relationships can be explained by the fact thata) she has a strong identity.
b) she has a tense relationship with her parents.
c) she is identity foreclosed.
d) she is experiencing adolescent egocentrism.
e) her cerebellum is not fully developed so she is overly emotional.‚Äč


She having a tense relationship with her parents best explains her difficulty in making friends.

What is a Relationship?

This can be defined as a close connection between two or more people. In children, the way they relate with others tells about their relationship with family members.

Cheryl finding it difficult to make friends means she has a tenserelationship with her parents.

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of healthy relationships?


Non communication is avoiding telling the truth not discussing problems as the characteristic of healthy relationships.

What is the Healthy relationship?

Healthy relationships is a relationship involving genuine affection, mutual respect, trust, open communication, trust and compromise. Partners respect each other's decision, share decisions and can make their own decisions without fear of retribution or retaliation.

The unhealthy and healthy thing about the relationship between Romeo and Juliet was infatuation and commitment. To begin with their relationship, love at first sight is not exactly love. Most of the time it is infatuation. Such love story would end with no proper understanding and hatred.

Love at first sight usually happens when the mind is immature yet it works out rarely which wasn't exactly the case of Romeo and Juliet. The idea of playing with death only lead to misconception between Romeo and Juliet relationship leading to a tragic end.

Therefore, Non communication is avoiding telling the truth not discussing problems as the characteristic of healthy relationships.

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Non communication. This is avoiding telling the truth/not discussing problems

When a baby is breech, it is born:Group of answer choices

Feet/Buttocks first

Head first

Side first

Shoulders first


A 'breech' baby is positioned to be born feet or buttocks first, as opposed to the more typical head-first position. This can present potential complications during childbirth.

  • In the context of childbirth, when a baby is said to be breech, it means that the baby is oriented in the uterus such that if labor were to begin, the baby would be born feet or buttocks first.
  • This contrasts with the most common birth position, which is head first.
  • A breech birth can present more potential complications than a head-first birth, which is why doctors and midwives monitor fetal position closely towards the end of pregnancy.

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Feet/Buttocks first


I think I got about half of them, but need some help on the rest of em. Thank you!



1. Allow observation of internal cavities. = Endoscope (G)

2. Produces three-dimensional images. = PET scan (D)

3. Caused by a parasite. = Infection (A)

4. What the patient reports to the healthcare provider. = Symptom (C)

5. Offers clear and complete image of internal anatomy. MRI (B)

6. Tracks pathway of glucose to detect tumors. CT Scan (H)

7. Measurable finding by a healthcare provider. Sign (F)

8. Heart attack. Acute (E)

1. Endoscope is one of the specialized instruments (particularly, a flexible tube) being used in the hospital in order to detect a patient's underlying condition. This process is known as"Endoscopy."The endoscope allows the doctor to do a non-invasive procedure in order to check the condition of the person's internal cavities. The doctor can see the cavities through the tube's attached camera. This is commonly used to check the condition of the digestive tract.

2. PET scan is also known as Positron Emission Tomography scan. It is one of the imaging tests that a doctor uses in order to check a person's organs and tissues. The person undergoing the test needs to be injected with a dye that contains a radiotracer. The tracer is accumulated in the area that is to be examined within an hour or so. The PET scanner will then show three-dimensional images of the organs/tissues, so the doctor will know whether they are functioning normally.

3. Infection- an infection can be caused by different microorganisms such as parasite, bacteria, virus, protozoan, fungus, etc. A parasitic infection is caused by a parasite. Oftentimes, this infection can go away on its own without any treatment or medication if a person's immune system is strong. However, there are also deadly cases such as Malaria. The parasite can be transmitted to humans when its vector, the mosquito, bites the person.

4. Symptom refers to the experience that the person is having in relation to his disease. This is subjective and only the person knows his symptoms. For example, a person goes to the doctor complaining of a headache and low-back pain. Headache and low-back pain are examples of symptoms. The doctor cannot see nor experience it, but only the patient does since it is subjective.

5. MRI is also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is one of the imaging tests to detect a person's condition or disease. It uses a large radio waves, a large magnet and a computer in order to get a clear and complete image of the internal anatomy. This is very common in detecting cancers, tumors and other important conditions in the body. It is very important for the patient to remove all accessories (particularly, metal objects) before the scan because the magnet is very strong. The test takes less than an hour or so.

6. CT Scan = this is also known as "Computed Tomography" scan. This uses X-rays and a computer in order to provide an image of a bone, internal organ or blood vessels being observed. People who experienced car accident often have this scan in order to detect signs of internal hemorrhage or bleeding. It can also detect cancer or heart disease. The scan normally takes 15 to 30 minutes.

7. Sign refers to what the doctor can observe in a patient. This is opposite to symptom because it is objective. For example, a patient complains of "feeling hot" then the doctor takes his temperature and finds out that he has a 38 degrees Celsius temperature. The symptom here is what the person feels, "feeling hot," while the sign here is the 38 degrees temperature. The latter is what the doctor observes, then he will conclude his diagnosis from here.

8. Acute Heart Attack = Heart attack is also known as "Myocardial Infarction." This happens when there is a blockage in the artery that supplies oxygenated blood to the heart. The blockage is caused by plaques that restricts the flow of blood. Once the plaques burst, it causes a blood clot and this blocks the artery. An acute heart attack develops suddenly. This means that there is no warning. Sometimes these attacks can be caused by infections, allergic reactions, viruses, irregular heartbeats, etc.

Explain why it is important to stretch slowly and why bouncing during stretching is very dangerous.


It is important to stretch slowly and avoid bouncing to prevent muscle pull and injuries in soft tissues.

What is stretching?

Stretching is a part of the exercise. Stretching means pulling or pushing your body parts beyond the limits. It is necessary before doing any exercise to relax the muscles.

Stretching is done slowly to avoid any damage to any joint and tissues, and bouncing is avoided for muscle strain.

Thus, to avoid muscle strain and soft tissue injury, it's crucial to stretch slowly and without jumping.

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Stretching a muscle slowly prevents it from overextending and being damaged. When stretches occur too quickly, such as with bouncing, the muscle can be seriously damaged during the uncontrolled motions.


Among the following salad dressings, which one contains the highest levels of calories and fat?A. Wishbone Blue Cheese
B. Wishbone Regular Ranch
C. Olive oil
D. Vinegar



The correct answer is C. Olive Oil


It has 21% fat


C. Olive oil