When applying scenario logic to technology commercialization we should not consider if there is enough social, political, and market support for commercialization to take place Select one: True False


Answer 1




The revenue has to be considered when commercializing technology. Social, political and market support determine whether there will be customers or not. So when applying scenario logic to technology commercialization we have to consider if there is market for the technology, if the society is willing ot pay for the technology anf if politics of the region will allow the business to operate.

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Which of the following function declarations correctly expect an array as the first argument?Question 1 options:

void f1(int array, int size);

void f1(int& array, int size);

void f1(int array[100], int size);

void f1(float array[], int size);

All of the above

C and D

A and B




Option: void f1(float array[], int size);

is valid.


To pass an array as argument in a function, the syntax should be as follows:

functionName (type arrayName[ ] )

We can't place the size of the array inside the array bracket (arrayName[100]) as this will give a syntax error. The empty bracket [] is required to tell the program that the value that passed as the argument is an array and differentiate it from other type of value.

How can you represent a graphic element in a wireframe?You can specify a graphic element by using an)



The answer is "in the form of design, color and graphic".


The wireframe is also recognized as 'skeleton', it is a static, low-fidelity description of various layouts, which provides shapes to the component. It is indeed a visualization of even an interface using only basic shapes.

It is a 2D illustration of a site user interface, which primarily focuses on capacity planning and priority of information, features available, and role expectations like, storyboards which do usually not include design, color, or graphics.




i just took the quiz and that's the correct answer they're looking for :)

A _____ area network is one step up from a _____ area network in geographical range.



A metropolitan area network is one step up from a local area network in geographical range.


A metropolitan area network is one step up from a local area network in geographical range.

A network is a group of devices connected together for communication. Networks can be classified according to the area they cover, A metropolitan area network is smaller than a wide area network but larger than a local area network.

A local area network consist of computers network in a single place. A group of LAN network form a metropolitan network

A metropolitan network is a network across a city or small region. A group of  MAN form a wide area network.

Write a program to complete the task given below: Ask the user to enter any 2 numbers in between 1-10 and add both of them to another variable call z. Use z for adding 30 into it and print the final result by using variable results.



a = int(input("Enter first value between 1 - 10"))

b = int(input("Enter second value between 1 - 10"))

z = a + b

z += 30

print("The value of z = ", z)


The code is written above in python language to perform the given task.

Now, let us explain each statement of code.

Step 1: The first two lines take input from the user prompting the user to enter the values between 1 to 10.

Then the values are type casted to int using int().

The values are stored in variables a and b.

Step 2: Then, the values of a and b are added to get another variable z.

Step 3: The statement 'z += 30' is equivalent to z = z+30

It adds 30 to the variable z and stores it in the same variable z.

Step 4: Finally the value of variable 'z' is printed using print() command.

why is the disk method a special case of the general slicing​ method? choose the correct answer below. a. the cross sections of the slices are disks with holes through them. b. the functions that generate the solids are all lines. c. the functions that generate the solids are all parabolas. d. the cross sections of the slices are disks.


Answer: d)The cross sections of the slices are disks.

Explanation:The slicing method deals with the elimination of the horizontal layer of the solid body .It is considered that disk method is the special case of the slicing method.

Disk method consist of the slices that are used for the estimated volume of the solid body of revolution that are known as disk.The solid body revolving around a line and its volume is estimated.Thus, the correct option is option (d).

A cybersecurity analyst is currently investigating a server outage. The analyst has discovered the following value was entered for the username: 0xbfff601a. Which of the following attacks may be occurring?(A) Buffer overflow attack
(B) Man-in-the-middle attack
(C) Smurf attack
(D) Format string attack
(E) Denial of service attack


Answer:D)Format string attack


Format string attack is the type of attack that causes to change the application functioning .This attack access the memory of the string library. It occurs while the submission of the string as input and then gets tested due to application command.

Other options are incorrect because these are the attacks that don't happens in the application for the alteration of the flow. Thus, the correct option is option(D).