Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation:

5) 108

6) 55

7) 49

8) 65

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A boat travels for 4 hours at a constant speed of 30 km/h.How far does the boat travel?30 km120 km160 km80 km
Express each number in fraction form before finding the inverse:7,10,1 3/4,
The test scores for a group of students are shown. 87, 72, 98, 84, 72, 65, 72, 70, 58, 91, 81, 84 What is the mode of the scores? A. 84 B. 78.8 C. 98 D. 85.5
Can someone answer this plzz
What property is this? 1. 2(4+3−6) = 2×4+2×3−2×6Commutative PropertyAssociative PropertyDistributive PropertyIdentity PropertyZero PropertyWhat property is this? 2. 7000×1=7000Distributive PropertyZero PropertyIdentity PropertyCommutative PropertyAssociative PropertyWhat property is this? 3. 3×(7×1)=(3×7)×1Distributive PropertyZero PropertyAssociative PropertyCommutative PropertyIdentity PropertyWhat property is this? 4. 48×0=0Commutative PropertyDistributive PropertyIdentity PropertyAssociative PropertyZero PropertyWhat property is this? 5. 4×2×1×9=9×1×2×4Commutative PropertyIdentity PropertyZero PropertyAssociative PropertyDistributive Property

1. What is the volume of the cube?( 15 mm )
1350 mm3
225 mm3
45 mm3
3375 mm3


I'm guessing 15 mm is the side length.

V = a^3

Where 'a' is the side length.

V = 15^3

V = 3375

So the volume of the cube is 3375 mm^3.
a cube volume is side legnth=x    x^3
so assuming that 15 is the side legnth then
15^3=15 times 15 times 15=3375mm^3 which is D

The numbers of pages read in books by fourth graders and by seventh graders are shown below:Fourth Grade: 87, 95, 76, 148, 104

Seventh Grade: 183, 187, 204, 215, 196

Use the mean absolute deviation to compare the variability in the mean number of pages read by students in each grade.

Thank you in advance!


102 for 4th graders
197 for 7th graders
95 pages between 4th and 7th graders

Simplify using the vertical method. (2k+3)(2k^2-4k-3)


4k^3 - 8k^2 + 6k^2 - 12k - 6k - 9
Combine like terms... -8k^2+6k^2= -4k^2
and leave 4k^3 and -9 alone because you don't have anything to combine it with so the equation is  4k^3 -4k^2 -6k -9

Mom says that you have to be home by 9:30 P.M. It is 5:30 P.M. right now. you are walking to the store 5mph there and back. The store is 10 miles away. How long does it take you to get home? Will you be home on time?Alright peeps, I need your help!!


You will get to the store in 2 hours because 5 * 2 equals 2.

Now add 5:30 plus 120 minutes to get 7:30.

Once you leave the store and walk back home that will be another 2 hours.

Add those 120 minutes to the 7:30 to get 9:30.

You will arrive on the dot at your home. Hope this helps!

A fishing boat was out to sea for 6 months and traveled a total of 8578 milesin the first month the boat traveled 659 miles how many miles did the fishing boat travel during the remaining 5 momths


7919 miles in the next 5 months

How do you find the missing length in Pythagorean


If this pertains to the Pythagorean theorem, then the answer that you would most likely to end up with is by utilizing the equation a² + b² = c² where a and b are the legs of the triangle and c is the hypotenuse. The hypotenuse refer to the longest side of the triangle while the other two would be the legs of the triangle.

When solving for the missing length, just substitute the values given to their respective places in the equation. If a length of a leg is missing, then substitute the other leg's value to either a or b, then substitute the length of the hypotenuse to c. Then solve. Solving for the hypotenuse's length would be a lot easier than the legs.