What is 10/1 as a mixed number?


Answer 1

10/1 as a mixed number is just 10

Answer 2
Answer: 10/1 in mixed number is 1010 divided by 1 equals 10

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What is the slope-intercept form of the equation of a line that passes through (5, -4) and has a slope of `3/4`? A. `y = -(3)/(4) x -(1)/(4)` B. `y = 3/4 x +(1)/(4)` C. `y = 3/4 x -(31)/(4)` D. `y = 3/4 x +(31)/(4)`
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I am having questions about how to solve problems like this. Anyone able to help?


For your first answer z=60 because 360/6 
For your second answer y=128 you must add the two sides then subtract the answer from 360 to get 128
For your third answer for x=120 and 2x=100

Convert 2875 cm3 to liters.



2.875 liters

Step-by-step explanation:

The answer to that is 2.875

How to plan this equation 34= -(m+3)



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Break Apart ones to make a ten. Then add and write the sum. 62 + 9 =



62 + 9 = 71.

Step-by-step explanation:

Break Apart to make tens is a strategy to help children to add numbers in a easier way. This is applied when they have to sum 2-digits number, which is new for them.

So, first we could think about how many units in 62 are left to each 70, we'll find that 8 units are left to reach 70. So, this 8 will help to break the simplest part, which is 9, we can rewrite 9 as the sum of 8+1.

Then, the next step is add 62+8, because kids know that makes a ten, 62+8=70, now we have a ten formed. Lastly, we just add the second number missing, which is 1. 70+1=71.

You see, this strategy consist in making tens to help children to sum, because they are familiarize with sum based on tens.

Final answer:

To add 62 and 9, break apart the 9 into 1 and 8. Add the ones and tens place separately, then combine them to get the final sum of 73.


To add 62 and 9, start by breaking apart the 9 into a 1 and an 8. Now, you can add the ones place of 62 with the one from 9, which gives you a sum of 3. Then, add the tens place of 62 with the eight, which gives you a sum of 70. Therefore, 62 + 9 = 70 + 3 = 73.

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Áre the numbers in Quadrant 3 (-,-) negatives?



numbered counterclockwise starting from top right

numbers are

2  1
3  4

right is positive
left it negative
up is positive
down is negative
quarant 3 is down and left
The idea of graphing with coordinate axes dates all the way back to Apollonius in the second century B.C. Rene Descartes, who lived in the 1600s, gets the credit for coming up with the two-axis system we use today. The story goes that he lay in bed and watched flies crawling over tiles on the ceiling. He realized that he could describe a fly's position using the intersecting lines of the tiles. The system is often called the "Cartesian coordinate system" in his honor.

Assessment items How many different triangles can be constructed with side measurements 6 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm?


I think it is only one triangle. Please correct me if i'm wrong but from the work I did I got one triangle. 

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0 triangles or its 1 triangle im not sure

Step-by-step explanation: