Ms. Fuentes's dass of 22 scholars is going to the Museum of Natural History. Each scholar has to pay fortheir ticket, and $2 for parking. Ms. Melendez's class of 24 scholars will be going to the Liberty Science
museum. Admissions to the Liberty Science Center is 1.5 times that of the Museum of Natural History and a
lunch card is $3. If the total cost is the same at both Museums, write an equation to determine t the ticket
price to the Museum of Natural History.


Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation:

Ms. F......22 kids,  $2 for parking, 't' for history ticket

Ms. M.....24 kids,  $3 for lunch, 1.5 times 't' for science ticket

(I'm unsure if Ms. M's kids have to pay for parking, I'll add that at the end)

So, Ms. F...... 22 kids times $2 parking plus 22 kids times t for tickets...


The last sentence tells us what it equals.

Ms. M.....24 kids times $3 for lunch plus 24 kids times 1.5t for museum...


(If Ms. M's kids have to pay parking...add 24 time $2 for parking.....use this equation, If they don't pay parking use the equation above for her kids)


Can you get the answer from here?

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i took the test

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merry christmas:)
9-4x3=15 it is 3 and 3️⃣