Celeste wants to have her hair cut and permed and also go to linch. She knows she will need $77. The perm costs twice as much as her haircut and she needs $5 for lunch. How much does the perm cost


Answer 1

Answer: $24

Step-by-step explanation:



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What is the sum of the series?S (-5k +20)13
Three measurements that are different units that are equal to 5 meters
2 tons = ____ lb How many lbs is 2 tons?
What is equivelent to 4d+6+2d
Enrique lives with his grandmother in an apartment building for senior citizens. He earns extra money by running errands for some of his grandmother's neighbors. Enrique charges $2 for every 1 7 hour he spends working. He spent 5 7 hour going to the deli for Mr. McGuire, 1 1 7 hours delivering papers for the apartment manager, and 6 7 hour picking up Mrs. Shultz's groceries. Did Enrique earn enough money to buy a $34 DVD?

What is the volume of the right prism?


to find area of a right prism the equation is Bh 
where B is area of the base of the triangle and h is the height
to find area of the base for this is 1/2b *hight of the triangle or .5*6*5=12.5
the height is 10

Pada suatu deret geometri diketahui suku ke-3 = 18 dan suku ke-6 = 486. suku pertama pada deret tersebut adalah...


a . r^(3-1) = 18
a . r^2 = 18...... (i)

a . r^(6-1) = 486
a . r^5 = 486 ...... (ii)

dengan membuat perbandingan dari kedua persamaan diperoleh:
r^2/r^5 = 18/486
1/r^3 = 1/27 
r^3 = 27
r = akar pangkat 3 dari 27 
r = 3

dari persamaan a . r^2 = 18...... (i)
                          a . 3^2 = 18
                          a . 9 = 18
                          a      = 18/9 = 2

PM is the median of trapezoids klno.



Step-by-step explanation:

i dont get it

i cant figure it out Step-by-step explanation:

Explain why 90 is not a square number


90 is not a square number because you cannot multiple two of the same number to get 90.

For example, 4 is a square number, because 2 x2 = 4

Likewise, 9 is a square number (3 x3), and 81 is a square number (9 x 9)

Norachai rented a bike from Adam's Bikes. It cost $17.10 plus $5 per hour. If Norachai paid $32.10 then he rented the bike for how many hours?


he biked 3 hours.

Hope this helps!
32.10 - 17.10 divided by five = FOUR HOURS!

chad buys peanuts in 2 pound bags. he repackage them into bags that hold 5/6 pounds pound of peanuts. how many 2 pound bags of peanuts should chad buy so that he can fill 5/6 pounds bags without having any peanuts left over?


he needs to buy three bags