Why do you think it is important to have “Open covenants of peace … in the public view”? What might happen if there are treaties made secretly?


Answer 1

Covenants are made for the well being and the growth of the people so they should not be kept secret and brought in their notice.


It is very important that the covenants of peace should be open and they should be transparent. They should not be made in secret. These covenants of peace should be for the welfare, well being and the betterment of the public.

If these covenants are made in secret, then the public for whom they are made might not get to know about it and the covenants might not get successful in achieving the aims and objectives for which it had been formed. And since these are made for the public, it should be brought in their notice.

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Wilson’s Declaration of NeutralityWoodrow Wilson, Message to Congress, 63rd Cong., 2d Sess., Senate Doc. No. 566 (Washington, 1914), pp. 3-4.The effect of the war upon the United States will depend upon what American citizens say and do. Every man who really loves America will act and speak in the true spirit of neutrality, which is the spirit of impartiality and fairness and friendliness to all concerned. The spirit of the nation in this critical matter will be determined largely by what individuals and society and those gathered in public meetings do and say, upon what newspapers and magazines contain, upon what ministers utter in their pulpits, and men proclaim as their opinions upon the street.The people of the United States are drawn from many nations, and chiefly from the nations now at war. It is natural and inevitable that there should be the utmost variety of sympathy and desire among them with regard to the issues and circumstances of the conflict. Some will wish one nation, others another, to succeed in the momentous struggle. It will be easy to excite passion and difficult to allay it. Those responsible for exciting it will assume a heavy responsibility, responsibility for no less a thing than that the people of the United States, whose love of their country and whose loyalty to its government should unite them as Americans all, bound in honor and affection to think first of her and her interests, may be divided in camps of hostile opinion, hot against each other, involved in the war itself in impulse and opinion if not in action.Such divisions amongst us would be fatal to our peace of mind and might seriously stand in the way of the proper performance of our duty as the one great nation at peace, the one people holding itself ready to play a part of impartial mediation and speak the counsels of peace and accommodation, not as a partisan, but as a friend.I venture, therefore, my fellow countrymen, to speak a solemn word of warning to you against that deepest, most subtle, most essential breach of neutrality which may spring out of partisanship, out of passionately taking sides. The United States must be neutral in fact, as well as in name, during these days that are to try men's souls. We must be impartial in thought, as well as action, must put a curb upon our sentiments, as well as upon every transaction that might be construed as a preference of one party to the struggle before another.CERWhat Was the Primary Reason Woodrow Wilson Wanted to Keep the US Out of the War in 1914? Use Evidence From the Passage to Justify Your Claim



to speak in favor of peace and friendship

It sounds like he wants to keep the US out of the war in the spirit of fairness to me.

But it could just be a more logical reason, such as not wanting any pain or harm done to his state.

Can you put number 1, 2, and 3 in a paragraph with details about them?1. Constitution requires each state legislature to determine how electors for that state are to be chosen, and it disqualifies any person holding a federal office, either elected or appointed, from being an elector.
2. We wont have an elective president and office.
3. If they didn't pick who bad people can come into office.
I will give you brainly if you answer it good. DON"T USE WEB AND ANSWER WITH THREE DETAILS ABOUT 1, 2, AND 3.





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Why do you think french political leadership was so concerned about conflict that the beat form of government seemed to be the one that divided france thr least



Because of the Dreyfus Affair.


Dreyfus affair was an incident in which a french jewish officer was framed for treason. This was a major scandal for the third republic because, at first, they were willing to let him sit in jail so that the french army didn't look bad. Popular support forced the government to free him, thus saving the third republic.

It was scandal that rocked France in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Dreyfus affair involved a Jewish artillery captain in the French army, Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935), who was falsely convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans.

Which leader sent secret messages to help set up talks with china?


It should be /Nixon /opened China to negotiations and if not that then /Henry Kissinger/

Answer: Richard Nixon's 1972 visit to China

Explanation: To make peace with China

Describe the positive and negative effects of globalization in the modern world in two of the following areas: • politics • economics • culture


Advantages and disadvantages of globalization in economics and culture.


Globalization in economics had served to improve trade among countries. Free trade has been a consequence of globalization as we can see in cases such as the North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada (NAFTA). There are some disadvantages in this such as many local jobs were taken out to other countries due to cheaper labor. That is why NAFTA has been renegotCultiriated and now it is called USMCA, the United States, Mexico, and Canada Agreement.


Global influence has allowed the exportation of cultural contents to other countries that were never before considered in the West or in the East. Literature, art, mass media, among others. These elements have allowed people from the other extreme of the world to be informed on current issues in other countries. The disadvantage of this is that cultural globalization has produced a loss of identity in many countries that are "Americanizing" their languages, losing their customs, culture, and tradition in favor of Western ideologies.

Positive and negative effects of globalization Globalization refers to the overall development as well as modernization of a community as a whole. The reason why globalization is important is because it helps a community in gaining international recognition, influence as well as operation.

what is the ability to allow political parties have a strong voice in National politics is an attribute of


The ability to allow political parties to have a strong voice in national politics is an attribute of Proportional Represantation it's electoral system when political party is represented proportional to the persentage of total votes cast on that party

Answer:A democracy


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