Why do you think the most violent areas of LosAngeles are those on the borders of rivaling gangs
as opposed to regions that are strongly dominated
by a single gang?


Answer 1
Answer: Those who are on the borders of rivaling gangs want to prove the other gang that they are better than they are. They also want power/control. Those who are strongly dominated by a single gang doesn’t have competition.
Answer 2

i dont know the anwer

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The major job of floor leaders is toA. oversee House sessions.B. prevent filibusters.C. veto bills.D. gather party members' votes forupcoming bills.​
____ states provide a qualified privilege for letters of recommendation.
Hours a child can work in retail? From 6am -to- 6pm/7pm/8pm/10pm?
You must use headlights when drivingbetween sunset and sunrisein rainwhen visibility is reduced to 1,000 feet or lessAll of the above
Your local police department is concerned with this year's most recent crime statistics. The police chief meets with city officials and his higher ranking police personnel. They meet to discuss potential policiesand procedures in order to reduce the crime rates in their cityOne improvement that plasses the police chief is that over 45% of all of the city'Part I crimes have resulted in an arrest. When an offender is arrested and charged with a crime the offense is considereda closedb.clearedccfFinishedd. adjudicatede disposed

True or False At 41% speeding is one of the 5 leading contributing factors in trafficdeaths on Utah highways.


At 41% speeding is one of the 5 leading contributing factors in traffic deaths on Utah highways is a true statement.

What percentage of deaths are as a result of speeding?

Studies has shown that about 41 per cent is due to speeding.

The act of Driving too fast is known to be a big contributor to death and injury on roads. Speeding is one that leads to around 41 per cent of road injuries and death each year.

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The given statement on speeding in Utah highways is true.


In 2017, the death fatalities in Utah were reported to be 41% due to speeding. This number represented motorists who were either beyond the speed limit or were driving fast in conditions where they shouldn't have.

The consequences of the speeding includes losing control of the vehicle, higher degree of crash which will result in higher injury, and so on.

The speeding is one in driving misbehavior which is mainly caused due to late and traffic; and sometimes people speed for thrill.

Why is under age drinking so bad please write some Paragraphs take as long as you want


It won’t let me show you the paragraph but I wrote it on a document and took a screenshot of it

How did the civil war had to do with “national supremacy”?



The Supreme Court ruled that such laws were in conflict with the Fugitive Slave Act passed by Congress in 1793,13 and thus violated the supremacy clause of the Constitution. 1850 -- Prelude to the Civil War. Fugitive Slave Act of 185014 was passed by Congress in an effort to preserve the union.

Historically, presidents have been permitted broader powers during national emergencies. Do you believe that constitutional limits on presidential power should be relaxed during national crises? Give reasons for your answer.





Because its an national emerginces it could not in less pepole are visting there families to make sure that there ok

Yes, they should be able to do what they need to do in the time of an emergency


What is being signaled when you hear 5 short blasts from another vessel’s horn?



(At least five) short, quick impacts are utilized to flag threat or to flag that you don't comprehend or you can't help contradicting the other boater's expectations.


Inland guidelines utilize sound signs to demonstrate purpose to move and a reaction ought to be gotten. In worldwide standards the signs are given when the move is being executed.  

Vessels show their aim to move by utilizing sound signs. In the event that you don't concur with or see unmistakably what the other vessel's expectations are, you should sound the peril or uncertainty signal (5 short, fast impacts). Every vessel should then slow or stop until signals for safe passing are sounded, comprehended and consented to.  

The risk or uncertainty sign can likewise be utilized to tell another vessel that its activity is perilous. On the off chance that a pontoon is backing up into a block you would sound the risk sign to caution the administrator.  

How many copyrights does the song I only have eyes for you have


Answer: fair use

Explanation: This song has four copyrights and they are covered by David Olney, Etta Jones, L.A. Jazz Choir and Top of the Pops.

The song I Only Have Eyes for you is song written by Harry Warren and Al Dubin.

The song I Only Have Eyes for You and it is recorded by The Flamingos in the 60s. It has Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 which is allowing fair use of it in purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching and other.