What happened when farmers"drastically altered" the breeding
zones of the Rocky Mountain


Answer 1


the farmers destroyed the breeding grounds of the locusts. They accidentally killed off the entire species


i did this quiz and I got the answer right

Answer 2

Answer: Extinction. Rocky Mountain locusts caused farm damage in Maine from 1743–1756 and Vermont in 1797–1798. ... The last major swarms of Rocky Mountain locust were between 1873 and 1877, when the locust caused $200 million in crop damage in Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and other states.

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Mr. Woodifield mourned his son in an unhealthy way because of his addiction to cigars and alcohol while the Boss on the other hand, buried his grief in his work he was doing with his business and was able to move on.


In "The fly" by Katherine Mansfield,  Mr. Woodifield turned to harmful habits after the death of his son. He leaves the house every Tuesday without telling his family and goes out to drink and goes out to drink and smoke excessively. He smoke the cigars on tueday which means that he tries to hide it from his family. The boss is an affluent friend of Mr. Woodifield whose son died in the war as well as the son of Mr. Woodifield. but as time passes by, the boss healed as symbolized by the death of the fly. The boss lost his only son to the war which devastated him so much but he still healed as time goes by. the character of the boss shows how time heals.

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the answer is D the Exodus. In the Bible it talks about how the Israelites needed to escape egypt
in the bible there is a book called exodus, and thats where the stories of Moses are read. Since him bringing out the Israelite people out of the land of Egypt as slaves was one of the hugest things he has ever done. I guess they called the book Exodus as well:)

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You would use the words hair and do to form the compound word hairdo.
It would be 'sidewalk': "The sidewalk cops work dilligently to keep our public walkway safe!"

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"That's easy for you to say," my sister replied.

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José explained, "The pot roast will have to cook for a few hours.


i would say : 
"That's easy for you to say", my sister replied 

I need help please some one help


Ibelieve that it is C. your welcome and have a nice day

Make a sentence with the word apparent


Hey there! 
A sentence with the word Apparent could be:

Apparently, I lost my backpack on the way to school so, I couldn't complete my homework.

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Sentences with the word apparent:

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2.) It was apparent by the look on my teacher's face that she enjoyed the presentation by one of the groups.

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9.) If she hadn't done it with apparent sincerity it would have been obvious she didn't mean it.

10.) With apparent satisfaction, she turned away and went out the door.