What are two solutions for 3f > 50


Answer 1


30, 20

Step-by-step explanation:

Multiply a big number with 3. Such as 30, or 20.

30 x 3= 90

20 x 3=60

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A park is shaped like a trapezoid. It has an area of 7.2 square miles. One base is 1.2 miles, and the other base is 2.4 miles long. What is the height of the park?
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The number of chips of different colors in Gail's bag is shown below:3 blue chips 4 pink chips 8 white chips Gail takes out a chip from the bag randomly without looking. She replaces the chip and then takes out another chip from the bag. What is the probability that Gail takes out a white chip in both draws? A.+= B.×= C.+= D.×=
........ is the number of square units to cover the inside of a two dimensional shape

A hole the size of a photograph is cut from a red piece ofpaper to use in a picture frame.
What is the area of the piece of red paper after the hole for
the photograph has been cut?
17 square units
25 square units
39 square units
47 square units




Step-by-step explanation:

The photograph is most likely a square.

What percent of 1270 is 375?


\begin{array}{ccc}1270&-&100\%\n\n375&-&p\%\end{array}\n\ncross\ multiply\n\n1270\cdot p=375\cdot100\ \ \ /:1270\n\np=(37500)/(1270)\n\np=29(67)/(127)\n\nAnswer:29(67)/(127)\%\approx29.53\%
to find percentage, we multiply the ratio by 100

= 375/1270 x 100 
= 0.29527 x 100
= 29.527 %
 Thus percent will be 29.527%

Which equation best represents the line that is parallel to 3x -4y=7 and passes through the point (-4,-2)? Select two options.



The equation that best represents the line that is parallel to 3x - 4y = 7 and passes through the point (-4, -2)  is y = 3/4x + 1.

Step-by-step explanation:

3x - 4y = 7 and (-4, -2)

First, solve for y in the equation:

3x - 4y = 7

-4y = -3x + 7

4y = 3x - 7

y = 3/4x - 7/4

m = 3/4 (This will be the slope of the parallel line.) and (-4, -2)

Use the point-slope equation to find the equation that will best represent a parallel line:

y − y1 = m(x − x1)

y - -2 = 3/4(x - -4)

y + 2 = 3/4x + 3 (the 4s cancel out)

(3/4 x 4/1 = 3)

y = 3/4x + 1

The graph that I attached is what these two equations would look like graphed. I am not sure what you mean by two options, I'm sorry!

Marty lives 2/3 mile from school. Linda lives 3/4 as far from school as Marty does. how far does Linda live from school?


A half mile
Which simplifies to (1)/(2)
Hope that helps

Which is greater 2/3 or 1/3


Lets say you have a pizza which is cut into 3 pieces. Now if you get 2 slices and your friend gets 1 slice. Since you got more it means that you got bigger portion than you friend.
because they are both 3 on the bottom so you should see if 2 is bigger than 1 or not, and the answer is yes! 
so 2/3 is greater than 1/3 :)))
I hope this is helpful
have a nice day

In the cafeteria there are 7 teachers 48 girls and 45 boys What is the probability that a person chosen at random from the cafeteria is a boy


total peoples = 7 + 48+ 45 = 100
probability of boys = number of boys / total people
                             45/100 = 9/20
so 93% chance of a boy getting chosen