Which detail best supports the central idea that Stanton was upset by the convention’s treatment of women?A.Lucretia Mott was forced to sit on the floor.

B.Stanton and Mott planned a convention about injustices against women.

C.Stanton and Mott became friends and leaders.

D.Women were denied admission to the Convention in 1840.


Answer 1

Stanton and Mott planned a convention about injustices against women, which best supports the central idea that Stanton was upset by the convention’s treatment of women. Thus, option B is correct.

What is the central idea?

The major concept serves as the narrative's uniting theme and connects all the different fictional devices the writer cites to convey the story. The dominating emotion or the general, overarching truth revealed in the narrative are both good ways to define the key theme.

The main concept that Stanton is disturbed either by the festival's depiction of women is strongly supported by the fact that Stanton and Mott organized a gathering on discrimination against women.

This depicted that the women were being treated in an unequal manner and these people were not being treated as they should, for this cause Stanton and Mott were going to organize a convention. Therefore, option B is the correct option.

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Answer 2


B - stanton and mott planned a convention about injustices against women.


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Its D


The answer is always D

The answer is D its preemptive simply if you look carefully

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O V O OOF . V.


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Among the other two options,  B. stretching  and D. running Stretching is a present participle (a verbal form) and running - a noun- is a gerund, since gerunds are nouns. 

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