WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST!!! HELP ASAP!!!Which of the following statements is true? Electrons are found in the nucleus. A piece of magnesium is made only of magnesium atoms. All 118 elements occur naturally on Earth. Protons and neutrons orbit the nucleus of an atom.


Answer 1


The last one


They are both found in the middle and everything else is false

Answer 2




B. is wrong bc they don't occur naturally

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red blood cells are able to maintain homeostasis because they are bathed in blood, which is what to the fluid in the cells themselves?
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Definition of experiment


Experiment is a scientific procedure taken to test a hypothesis or demonstrate a fact

Which rocks and minerals are mined in Florida? Check all that apply.clay


zircon, clay, limestone




3.) clay


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How can invasive species alter an ecosystems food web?


Invasive species can either replace an organism from the ecosystem food web or replace it.  


  • Invasive species are non-native species which can be animals, plants, micro-organisms, fish, etc. they are very much threatening to the native species and ecosystem food web.
  • Invasive species are spread by humans mostly, it happens unintentionally when people travel and all. Even climate change could be a reason for its spread.
  • So, it becomes threatening to native species because when you introduce it into a new ecosystem, it does not have a predator or control. It grows aggressively and takes over the resources for the native species.

When is the microscope not useful?


The microscope isn't useful when you are trying to see a large object, or an object that doesn't have major detail. The main use of a microscope is to see things that the human eye cannot. For example, you try to see the structures of an ant. You can see an ant with your eyes alone, but you cannot see it very well without a microscope.

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Describe the following phases of mitosis. a) prophase

b) metaphase)


d) telophase

I need help!


Prophase: Replication of chromosomes and chromosome become visible x shapes.

Metaphase: Chromosomes align at the equator of the cell and spindle fibers attach to each sister chromatid.

Anaphase: Spindle fibers pull the sister chromatids away from each other to the opposite sides of the cell.

Telophase: New separate nuclear membranes form around the different sets of chromosomes and the chromosomes unwind, the spindle fibers start breaking down and and the cell begins to pinch together to separate into two new cells.

Ladies and gents this has been Mitosis.

Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. The force of gravity keeps all of the planets in orbit around the sun. What does the force of gravity depend on?


The mass of an object and the distance of the object.