OFUNILSWhich of the following is an example of deceptive packaging?
A. The manufacturer changes the shape of its jars so that it holds
less jelly, but charges the same price as before.
B. The manufacturer individually wraps each item inside the
C. A manufacturer reduces the weight of the contents and updates
its label to reflect this change.
D. The manufacturer adds "America's favorite cereal" to the label.


Answer 1


A. The manufacturer changes the shape of its jars so that it holds

less jelly, but charges the same price as before.


This is wrong because you are paying a high price for not a high amount of jelly!

Answer 2


buyer beware

the right to choose

identifying yourself and asking former customers....

consumer satisfaction

consider what effects your actions would have....

offer the customer money or product to remove it

the manufacturer changes the shape of its jar...

price discrimination

increases attention span in 8 out of 10 children

privacy and security issues


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BRAINLIEST Prepare a balance sheet in proper format for the company as of December 31st based on the following accounts. Answer questions 8 through 10 based on this balance sheet.Accounts Payable


Long-term Notes Receivable


Accounts Receivable


Accrued Expenses




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10. What are the company’s total assets?

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number ten the answer is $35,000 ur welcome it's no biggy.

With a flexible exchange rate system what determines the exchange rate between two countries A. the volume of gold
B. inflation and interest rates
C. the day-to-day changes in one currency
D. supply and demand


With a flexible exchange rate system, the exchange rate between two countries is primarily determined by supply and demand in the foreign exchange market. Hence Option D is correct.

The interaction between buyers and sellers of currencies establishes the equilibrium exchange rate. Factors such as inflation and interest rates can influence supply and demand by affecting the attractiveness of one currency relative to another.

For example, higher inflation rates may reduce the value of a currency, making it less desirable. Similarly, higher interest rates can attract foreign investors, increasing demand for a currency. Day-to-day changes in one currency can also impact the exchange rate, as market participants react to economic news, political events, or shifts in investor sentiment.

However, these short-term fluctuations ultimately reflect the underlying supply and demand dynamics in the market. The volume of gold does not directly determine exchange rates in a flexible exchange rate system.

Learn more about supply and demand here




I believe you mean a floating exchange rate, and if so, then it would be demand and supply which determines the rate of exchange.

When does information become a liability for an organization? a. when it is not managed properly

b. when there are fewer people to collect information

c. when information is not stored in paper documents

d. when information is not stored in electronic documents


Any piece of information, which does not get managed properly by the one who has the access to such information, becomes a liability for a business organization. Therefore, the option A holds true.

What is the significance of business liability?

The responsibility of a business to compensate or reimburse the losses due to the negligence or ignorance of an organization's management is known as a business liability. Members are not personally liable for repaying such losses.

An information, which may be sensitive in nature for a business is termed as its liability. Moreover, it becomes the responsibility of the management to take care of preserving such information properly, and manage it with their due diligence.  

Therefore, the option A holds true regarding the significance of a business' liability.

Learn more about business liability here:




a i had the same question


When u ask questions do points get deducted


yes because it costs to ask and when you answer you recieve points
Yes because it is like an equivalent exchange. You ask a question by answering others so you get help and help others 

What id the name of the fist president


Do you mean "what is the name of the first president" and if so it is George Washington
The name of the first president is George Washington. Hope this helps.

Should you pop a stye? (I have a cheer competition in two days and I NEED to know)


It will make it worse.  Don't pop it. You need to clean it.  And it may not go away in 2 days.