3. Is the minimum wage good or bad for the lowest-paid workers? Explain your reasoning.


Answer 1

Answer: This is quite a complicated question and therefore requires quite a complicated and extensive answer.  While it may seem like a minimum wage is good for the lowest-paid workers it isn't very good for an economy and workers as a whole.  The reason for this being is that having a minimum wage and subsequently raising it (as is being done throughout the United States) boosts inflation meaning the price for products rises, (essentially negating all benefits that the workers received from a higher minimum wage.)  Now while the lowest class workers don't really receive any benefit from this as their wage goes up but the products they produce also go up in price as well, but the average middle class consumer gets hit hard by this as their product prices raise but they still have the same wage.  Another downside to having a minimum wage and having it consistently rising is that companies are forced to cut employees or not hire any more people all together.  This is why jobless claims rise after wages rise.  Companies cannot afford to pay workers a higher minimum wage and keep all their workers at the same time otherwise they would go in the red.  This forces them to make cuts in staffing.  Minimum wage would mandate that even if a potential worker and company agree on a price to pay for their work, the law would mandate that this would not be a possibility essentially making work harder to find.  Minimum wage should not even really be needed as companies and workers should be able to find a good and fair price for work on their own without the governments help.  If a worker doesn't like the wage they are receiving then they can quite and find a better paying job.  This also boosts competition among businesses as they are all fighting for workers to fill their jobs and would also raise the wage, but in a natural process without all the detriments that artificially raising the minimum wage brings.  Companies should be allowed to hire workers at whatever pay per hour they so what as long as it is agreed to as well by the worker.  This means that more jobs are open to a more wide variety of people and that also means that if people want to work for less they can still be open to that opportunity as well.

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Answer: B I went over this I hope I got it right!

I think your answer is B.
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We can infer that they are both having a war, and from the image above, we can infer that Cortez had riches, which the Aztecs didn't have a lot of them, and their way of dressing we can see a lot from that.

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It appears that the Spaniards (the ones on the horses) have/almost defeated the Aztecs in a conflict.


Several clues help come to this conclusion;

1. Notice how some of the Aztecans seem to be turning away from the Spaniards, or in other words, fleeing.

2. There is a amputated/injured Aztecan body on the ground.

3. In the far background, you can see that there's a limp body that's hanging; based off the earlier clues we have, we can infer that it's perhaps a Aztecan.

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1. How was Western Europe impacted when the Roman Empire fell in 476 CE?A. Western Europe experienced a thriving economy.
B. Trade and commerce in Western Europe declined.
C. Romulus Augustus began several public works projects throughout Western Europe.
D. The Roman Catholic Church declined in power in Western Europe.

2. Why did Pope Urban II call for a Holy War, or Crusade, in 1095 CE?

A. To hasten the collapse of the Byzantine Empire
B. To undermine the power of Alexius I
C. To free Palestine and Jerusalem from Muslim rule
D. To aid the Turks in capturing Anatolia and Palestine

Which of the following is included in the The Book of Kells?

A. The New Testament of the Bible
B. A codex of Roman law
C. A combination of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy
D. The Odyssey, a Greek epic written by Homer
Which of the following issues in part led to the Great Schism between the Eastern and Western Christian Church?

A. The use of icons and the position of Mary
B. The use of unleavened bread and the power of the pope
C. The power of the pope and the architecture of church buildings
D. The architecture of church buildings and the position of Mary


1. The impact of the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 on Western Europe was B. Trade and commerce in Western Europe declined.

2. The reason Pope Urban II called for a Holy War or Crusade in 1095 CE was C. To free Palestine and Jerusalem from Muslim rule.

3. The Book of Kells contains A. The New Testament of the Bible.

4. The Great Schism between the Eastern and Western Christian Church was caused by B. The use ofunleavened bread and the power of the Pope.

Did the fall of the Roman Empire weaken the Church?

The fall of the Roman Empire did not weaken the Church.  There was an absence of a centralized government.  Germanic invaders seized the opportunity to devastate European cities and monsteries.

Gradually, power shifted from the palace to the Church and enabled her to possess too much political influence which later resulted in the Great Schism.

What was the Great Schism?

The Great Schism referred to the splitting of the Church into Western Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

The Great Schism, which hovered over  Ecclesiastical differences, started in 1053.

Thus, we can conclude that the fall of the Roman Empire empowered the Church in Western Europe.

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Write a breifly about any two organs of the UNITED NATION.no trolls or links
best answer will be given brainliest​




The main bodies of the United Nations are the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, and the UN Secretariat.

The function of the General Assembly is to discuss, debate, and make recommendations on subjects pertaining to international peace and security.

For example, human rights.

The Security Council has primary responsibility, under the United Nations Charter, for the maintenance of international peace and security.

For example, where the UN peace operation should be deployed.

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