3. How does the author use internal dialogue to characterizeYevgeny? Cite evidence from the text in your answer.


Answer 1


The Author 'Chekhov' uses internal dialogue to characterize Yevgeny in the story "Home" an evidence in the opening paragraph which goes by "Yevgeny is a prosecutor of the circuit court, someone who carries out legal proceedings against a person accused of a crime. it makes sense to think about how much of Yevgeny's legal background will affect the way he handles this problem with his son."


Through this internal monologue, readers can better understand the different aspect of Yevgeny's character and get a glimpse into his thoughts. This opening paragraph starts the action towards the conflict between Yevgeny and his son Seryozha. The Author wrote the story in third person point of view, and the story is told through the thought of Yevgeny.

Yevgeny is a methological and logical man who thinks in terms of number; a typical man of the court. Theefore he had disagreements with his son for smoking.

Answer 2

Final answer:

An author characterizes a figure through internal dialogue by revealing their thoughts, feelings, or mental conversations. This can indicate their motivations, personality traits, or responses to situations. The dialogue can show Yevgeny as thoughtful and moral or superficial and self-centered, based on the context.


In order to answer this question, the specific text referencing Yevgeny would be needed. However, generally speaking, an author may use internal dialogue to characterize a person in literature. Internal dialogue refers to the thoughts, feelings, or mental conversations that a character has with himself. This tool lets us peek into a character's mind and understand their motivation, personality traits, and response to situations.

For instance, if Yevgeny is often shown debating ethical issues in his internal dialogue, he might be characterized as a deeply moral and thoughtful individual. Conversely, if his thoughts mostly revolve around trivial pursuits or selfish needs, it shows a more superficial or self-centered personality.

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Answer: Their exploitative ways


In the short story, Gretel, the author Garrison Keillor tells a story of a female named Gretel who is a writer. Gretel believes that her father who is always drinking is exploiting both she and her step-mother and so hates him for it.

She hates her brother too as he is working to ensure that he gets the lion's share of profits from the sale of her book whilst only giving her a small portion.

She also hates the lawyer because he put a spell on her that made her sign a contract that would give away the lion's share of the profits.

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please give full question


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Sorry, but your question is not complete and I could not find any online resource that had the passage you had in mind, but its really easy to find the theme of ANY book.

First of all, you need to find out what the book is talking about. Is it a book that talks about the consequences of war? Effects of famine? Importance or honesty? When you find out what the book is talking about, the next step becomes easy.

Next, and very important step is to find out the moral lesson the book is trying to give or what message it is trying to pass across.

With these two key points in mind, you can easily get what the theme of the book is.

N. B: A theme is the subject matter or focus of the book.

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Good luck.

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freezing cold


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this is Its cold and can freeze your bones.