Which activity was common to both the Dutch and the French settlers


Answer 1
Answer: Gold mining 
Fur trading 
tobacco farming
fabric manufacturing

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Although Lyon is in France why might it have more in common with Geneva as a Renaissance center than it does with Paris?
Which describes what the Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820) and the Compromise of 1850 had in common? A. They both attempted to preserve the Union. B. They both found permanent solutions to the slavery issue. C. They both supported states rights over federal power. D. They both tried to end slavery in southern states.
Which was a lesson learned at the First Battle of Bull Run
An accomplishment of George Washington after the battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 was to
Who was at the midland last night

Why did people undertake pilgrimages during the Middle Ages?


Quick versionPilgrimages were important in the Middle Ages because Christians believed that bringing themselves as close to God as possible by traveling towards a physical place was the ultimate spiritual act, and they did so in order to fulfill a vow, ask for a miracle cure, deepen their own faith or expiate a crime committed. Christian pilgrimages occurred most often during the Middle Ages; however, there are many other religious groups that go on pilgrimages, including Muslims.

Explain to what extent nato is membership in this organization was a continuation or departure from us foreign policy


Entrance by the United States into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949 was a departure from US foreign policy prior to that time.  Previously, the United States did sought to stay disassociated from European political alliances, and had to be pulled into both World War I and World War II.  When it became a member of the NATO alliance, this was the first time that the USA was committing itself in peacetime to a military alliance outside of the Western hemisphere.

The first ship that went around the world was a ship from _______fleet.


Ferdinand Magellan wa the first sailor to sail around the world

What are the differences between Japan's geography and Europe's geography?


I'll tell you the simple stuff, I hope this helps you. For Japan the leader was to be called an emperor or empress who could only be a part of the royal family if they were related to the Shinto sun goddess. As for Europe, the leader was to be called a king or a queen. Like Japan, not just anybody could become royalty. Kings and queens came from a long descent of an Imperial family........

Which of the following best describes the lives of the native peoples under the encomienda system? A.
They became rich, but could not be government officials because they were not born in Spain.

They were very poor, forced to work the land or in the mines, and died from beatings, hunger, and disease.

They stuck to their own religions and rejected the Catholicism of the Spanish.

They increased in numbers under Spanish rule.


The best option regarding the lives of the native peoples under the encomienda system would be that they were very poor, forced to work the land or in the mines, and died from beatings, hunger, and disease (B).

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Expansionist justified the idea of manifest destiny and the acquisition of new territory because they were spreading what?


Expansionist justified the idea of Manifest Destiny because they said they were spreading democracy. They wanted everybody to be live like they do and to be democratic and what better way to do that than by spreading the word to the people living on the land that they already conquered.

Answer: They were spreading democracy