en una canasta se tienen 10 bolas cafes, 5 bolas azules y 15 verdes. Si se saca una al azar, ¿cual es la probabilidad de que esta no sea azul? ¿cual es probabilidad de que sea verde?


Answer 1


The probability that the selected ball is not blue is (5)/(6).

The probability that the selected ball is green is (1)/(2).

Step-by-step explanation:

The question is:

There are 10 brown balls, 5 blue balls and 15 green balls in a basket. If one is drawn at random, what is the probability that it is not blue? What is the probability that it is green?


The probability of an event E is the ratio of the favorable number of outcomes to the total number of outcomes.


The probability of the given event not taking place is known as the complement of that event.

Complement of the event E is,

1 – P (E)

The number of different color balls are as follows:

Brown = n (Br) = 10

Blue = n (Bu) = 5

Green = n (G) = 15

Total = N = 30

Compute the probability of selecting a blue ball as follows:


Compute the probability of not selecting a blue ball as follows:

P(\text{Not Bu})=1-P(\text{Bu})


Thus, the probability that the selected ball is not blue is (5)/(6).

Compute the probability of selecting a green ball as follows:


Thus, the probability that the selected ball is green is (1)/(2).

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I need help on question 6



The 4th option is correct.

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Step-by-step explanation:

The equation of a line using two points, (x₁, y₁) and (x₂, y₂) is:


Here m is the slope of the line.

The formula to compute slope is:


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The equation of the line passing through the points (4, -3) and (5, 0) is:


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The one above is correct

How do you divide fractions with wholes? °ω°



whole numbers u put a 1 on the bottom and  then do the keep change flip

Step-by-step explanation:

For every 2 books that Tom buys, he can buy 3 magazines. If he pays $60 fo 4 books and 4 magazines, how much does he have to pay for each book?​



Price of book is 9\$

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Let the price of book be x and price of magazine be y

We have


We also have


2* 2x+4y=60\n\n2*3y+4y=60\n\n10y=60\n\ny=6\n\n2x=3*6\n\nx=9\$

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Two less than three-fourths of a number is, at most, negative seventeen. what is the range of values for the number?



x\leq -20

values ranging fromminus infinity to negative 20

Step-by-step explanation:

we write the inequality associated with the text in terms of the unknown number "x" as:

(3)/(4) x-2\leq -17

then, we solve for "x" by adding 2 to both sides, and then isolating "x" on the left as shown below:

(3)/(4) x-2\leq -17\n(3)/(4) x\leq -17+2\n(3)/(4) x\leq -15\n3\,x\leq -60\nx\leq -(60)/(3) \nx\leq -20

then, the range of x-values is from minus infinity to negative 20

SHOW WORK! PLEASE HELP ASAP IF YOU CAN :(A stack of index cards is 3/4 of an inch tall. If each card is 3/160 of an inch thick, how many index cards are in the stack?



so what you have to do first is simplify into variables

S=A 3/4 stack of index cards

C= 3/160

first you can do this with a calculator, divide 3/4 of an inch by 3/160 of an inch.


Here is my work shown :)

Male the division into multiplication and swap the numbers in 3/160 to 160/3

3/4 x 160/3

For fraction multiplication, multiply the numerators and then multiply the demoninators to get

3 x 160/4 x 3= 480/12

Divide 480 by 12 which is forty

there you go :) sorry if the answers are messed up and there are spelling errors. but in conclusion the answer is 40

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