What is 5.82 rounded to the nearest whole number


Answer 1
Answer: It would be 6 because the 8 can round the 5 up to a 6 since the 8 is 5 and greater.
Answer 2
Answer: The nearest whole number is 6, so you round it to 6.

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the sum of three numbers is 161 the second number is six times the first and the third is 5 more than the second find the numbers
Kelvin saves $60 a day. Al saves $90 a day. How many times Kelvin's savings are Al's savings?
Kegan wants to buy a new skateboard that will cost $140 so far Keegan has saved $30 toward the purchase of the skateboard to raise the remaining money needed Keegan mothers his neighbors lawn and charges $10 each time he completes the job writing equation to find X the number of times Keegan needs to mow his neighbors lawn to earn enough money how many times of Keegan need to mow his neighbors lawn to have enough money to buy the skateboards
Ramil and Carly collected the honey from 4 of his beehives. From the first hive collected 1/3 gallons of honey. The last hives yielded 1/4 gallon each. How many gallons of honey did Ramil and Carly collect in all?
Y = mx + b looking for x

-8y^3( 7y^2- 4y - 11)

How do you Factor this?


-8y^3( 7y^2- 4y - 11)

-8y^3 (7y-11) (y+1)

a recipe for sweet potato pie calls for 3/4 cup of milk. Martina has 6 cups of milk. How many sweet potato pies can she make with that amount of milk?


8 sweet potatoe pies
6 ÷ 3/4 = 6/1 ×4/3 = 24/3= 8... 8 sweet potatoe pies

A number line shows 1 1/4, -2 2/4, and -1 3/4. Which statement is NOT true? A. 1 1/4 > -1 3/4, because 1 1/4 is located on the right of -1 3/4 on the number line.
B. 1 1/4 < -2 2/4, because 1 1/4 is located to the right of -2 2/4 on the number line.
C. -2 2/4 < -1 3/4, because -1 3/4 is located to the right of -2 2/4 on the number line.
D. 1 1/4 > -2 2/4, because 1 1/4 is located to the right of -2 2/4 on the number line.


B is not true c is kind of incorrect but atuck with B


I would choose B

Step-by-step explanation:

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Maria handed out 125 flyers that gave students the time and locationtry outs for the school volleyball team. What is 125 written inexponential notation?


one way  is to factor and see which ones repeat

it is 5 times itself 3 times

 First Step: Ask yourself, what number multiplied by itself a number of times, would equal 125125=5^3

A car can travel 275 miles in 5 hours. Find the average speed in miler per hour.(please show steps!)


you just divide 275 with 5 so five cant to into 2 so you add the 7 down that will equal 5 and you subtract 25 because 5 cant go into 27 and that equals 2 you then bring down the five and it will make 25 5 mutiplied by 5 equals 25 so it would make 55 PLUS to check multiply 55 with 5=275 <3
The average speed is 55 mph.

Find the percent of each number what's 25% of 56