Which of the following were women not involved with during the Civil War?soldier


Answer 1

Answer: Politician

Explanation: I got the answer correct, because I'm built different.

Answer 2
Answer: Soldier
Ex) the wren join military

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42. Which region on the map includes the Peloponnesian Peninsula where the Greek city-states developed? A.AB.BC.CD.D
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11.(3 pt) Which event did the phrase "the shot heard round the world" describe? A.Boston Tea PartyB.Battle of LexingtonC.Battle of Bunker HillD.Boston Massacre
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In what ways was Malthus proved wrong?



In 1798, Malthus argued that human population always grows more rapidly than the human food supply until war, disease or famine reduces the number of people. He was wrong – and spectacularly so.

I need help with number 14


In 1934 Jewish shops were marked with word Juden, of Star of David, young members of nazi party were discouraging people from goin in. It was an attempt to ruin Jews economically. In 1935, nazi party passed the Nuremberg Laws. Jews were no longer considered German citizens and marriage between Jews and non-Jews was forbidden. In order to leave Germany Jews had to pay fine. Many german shops refused to sell food or medicine to Jews. After a member of NSDAP (nazi party) was shot by a Jew in Paris, seven day campaign against Jews started in Germany. During night between 9th and 10th november (called "crystal night" or Kristallnacht) over 10,000 jewish shops were destroyed and pillaged. Homes and synagogues were set on fire and left to burn. During that time german authorities deported about 17k Jews with polish passports to Poland.

What are reasons the U.S might win the war of 1812?



The US might win the war of 1812 because the North allows African American slaves to fight in the war, increasing their number against the South.

Which of the following powers is responsible for establishing the United Nations?A. Axis Powers
B. Allied Powers
European Union
D. United States (only)
Please select the best answer from the choices provided



The Answer is B.  Allied Powers


This is because the Allies wanted to make sure that a war that bad never broke out again.

The answer is Allied Powers .

What was special about George Washington becoming president


He was the first president, and pretty much showed that we can transfer power, because most people thought he was going to become a "king" and not transfer his power.

Hope this helped!

George Washington is special because he became the first president of the United States.

Why did Americans want to acquire California


The main reason was so that they could have ports so that America could trade with China and Japan safely without having to go through territory that was not America.

Answer: To have more space between mexico, and to have another state