Which country is the biggest consumer of Virginia's services?A.Canada

B. Germany

C. Mexico

D. United Kingdom


Answer 1




Answer 2


Answer choice A.canada

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Sheridan Company's prepaid insurance was $192000 at December 31, 2021 and $89600 at December 31, 2020. Insurance expense was $62000 for 2021 and $53300 for 2020. What amount of cash disbursements for insurance would be reported in Sheridan's 2021 net cash provided by operating activities presented on a direct basis
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Palmona Co. establishes a $310 petty cash fund on January 1. On January 8, the fund shows $217 in cash along with receipts for the following expenditures: postage, $38; transportation-in, $13; delivery expenses, $15; and miscellaneous expenses, $27. Palmona uses the perpetual system in accounting for merchandise inventory.Prepare journal entry to establish the fund on January 1, reimburse it on January 8, and reimburse the fund and increase it to $330 on January 8, assuming no entry in part 2
Helen, a manager for Marshall Manufacturing, spends much of her time reviewing the global, technological, socio-cultural, competitive, and economic factors that can influence the success of her firm's marketing efforts. Helen's efforts indicate that she is involved with environmental scanning.
When total debits equal total credits on a trial balance, we can be assured that no errors of any sort occurred during the preceding steps in the accounting cycle.A. TrueB. False

Franklin, Inc., has an inventory turnover of 18.9 times, a payables turnover of 11.2 times, and a receivables turnover of 9.7 times. What is the company's cash cycle


Answer: Cash cycle =24.35 days


Cash cycle=Days in inventory+Days in receivables-Days in payables

Days in inventory=365/inventory turnover


= 19.3121693 days

Days in receivables=365/receivables turnover



Days in payables=365/payables turnover


=32.5892857 days

Therefore, Cash cycle=Days in inventory+Days in receivables-Days in payables

= 19.3121693 days+ 37.628866 days - -32.5892857days


Rounded up to 24.35 days

Final answer:

The cash cycle of Franklin, Inc., considering its inventory turnover, receivables turnover, and payables turnover, is approximately 24.35 days.


In order to calculate the cash conversion cycle for Franklin, Inc., we need to consider three aspects: Inventory turnover, payables turnover, and receivables turnover.

Firstly, we need to convert these turnovers into days. That's achieved by dividing 365 by the turnover ratio for each component.

The converted days for each component will be:

  • Inventory Days = 365 / Inventory Turnover = 365/18.9 ≈ 19.31 days
  • Receivables Days = 365 / Receivables Turnover = 365/9.7 ≈ 37.63 days
  • Payables Days = 365 / Payables Turnover = 365/11.2 ≈ 32.59 days

The Cash Conversion Cycle is then computed as follows: Cash Conversion Cycle = Inventory Days + Receivables Days - Payables Days = 19.31 + 37.63 - 32.59 ≈ 24.35 days

So, the cash cycle of Franklin, Inc. is approximately 24.35 days.

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Apply strategies for self-improvement based on individual strengths and needs. I will score 25 goals in the soccer game. a. Yesb. No



b. No


This is not an effective strategy for self-improvement. In this sentence, the author tells us that he believes he will be able to score 25 goals in a soccer game. This is extremely unlikely even for the best soccer players in the world. Therefore, the goal is unrealistic. By creating unrealistic or unachievable goals, we only make it more difficult for us to succeed, and the failiure that will inevitably follow can be damaging to our confidence. Therefore, when establishing goals, it is important that we are realistic.

Final answer:

In the context of scoring 25 goals in a soccer game, self-improvement strategies should be focused on enhancing existing skills and addressing areas of need, keeping the goal realistic. Practice, feedback, and self-reflection can aid in achieving this. The process requires patience and commitment.


The approach of self-improvement based on individual strengths and needs involves setting realistic goals and continually assessing progress on these goals. In the context of your goal to score 25 goals in a soccer game, it is critical to evaluate this target against your current abilities and the opportunities you will have in the game. The target should be challenging but realistic.

Improvement strategies might focus on enhancing your current strengths, like speed or accuracy, and addressing areas of need, such as endurance or team coordination. These strategies can include deliberate practice, receiving feedback, and self-reflection. Whatever the strategy, remember that self-improvement is a gradual and ongoing process that requires patience and commitment.

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Laura's Pizza Place incurs $800,000 per year in explicit costs and $100,000 in implicit costs. The restaurant earns $1.3 million in revenues. Based on this information, what is accounting profit for Laura's Pizza Place





The purpose of sobriety checkpoints that are set up by community and state police is to deter drunk driving and ultimately save lives.While not mandated,the makers of Blackberry™ have complied with the public request of several legislators and have obediently removed apps that permit smartphone users to navigate around the checkpoints.Google™ and Apple™ have elected not to honor such requests.Google said the apps do not violate the company's content policy.After studying about ethics and social responsibility,which of the following statements applies to this situation? A) Laws represent the minimum guidelines that companies must follow,whereas a firm's ethical stance may venture beyond the minimum level of compliance.
B) Google and Apple are showing corporate social responsibility because they demonstrate concern for their investors,which is exactly where their focus should be.
C) Blackberry is acting philanthropically toward government.
D) Google and Apple are showing their distrust for big government,and their avoidance of contributing toward philanthropic causes.



A) Laws represent the minimum guidelines that companies must follow,whereas a firm's ethical stance may venture beyond the minimum level of compliance.


In the given scenario there are laws that allows community and state police to set up sobriety check points that discourages drunk drivers and saves lives.

The inclusion or removal of applications that helps drunk drivers avoid these checkpoints is not covered by the law. So if a company decides to include such applications it is at their discretion.

Blackberry have chosen to remove applications that helps drunk drivers avoid checkpoints. This is an example of when a company has ventured beyond the minimum level of compliance because of their ethical stance.

Google and Apple however have only ventured beyond the minimum compliance level because they have refused to honour requests by legislators to remove apps that permit smartphone users to navigate around the checkpoints.

The statement that  applies to this situation is : "Laws represent the minimum guidelines that companies must follow, whereas a firm's ethical stance may venture beyond the minimum level of compliance."

The correct answer is option A

In the scenario described, the companies are facing a situation where lawmakers have requested the removal of apps that allow users to navigate around sobriety checkpoints.

Option A is the most suitable because it reflects the fundamental distinction between legal compliance (following the law) and ethical behavior (going beyond what the law mandates). Let's break it down further:

Laws represent the minimum guidelines that companies must follow: This statement acknowledges that companies are legally obligated to comply with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which they operate. In this case, lawmakers have made a request, but it's not legally mandated to remove these apps.

A firm's ethical stance may venture beyond the minimum level of compliance: This part of the statement highlights that ethical behavior goes beyond what is legally required.

Therefore, option A is correct.

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Brody Corp. uses a process costing system in which direct materials are added at the beginning of the process and conversion costs are incurred uniformly throughout the process. Beginning inventory for January consisted of 1,030 units that were 75% completed. 10,000 units were started into the process during January. On January 31, the inventory consisted of 400 units that were 40% completed. What would be the equivalent units for conversion cost using the weighted average method



Equivalent units for conversion cost is 10,790 units


Completed and Transferred (1,030 + 10,000 - 400) x 100 % = 10,630

Ending Work In Process 400 x 40%                                         =     160

Total  equivalent units for conversion cost                              = 10,790

Edward leaves an organization for three years to fulfill military duties. Which observation is true of his employer's obligation to reemploy Edward under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act?A) The employer is not obligated to reemploy Edward.

B) The employer must reemploy Edward with the same seniority and status he would have earned if his employment had not been interrupted.

C) The employer must reemploy Edward but is exempted from providing him any fringe benefits or retirement benefits.

D) The employer must implement an early retirement incentive program for Edward.

E) The employer must reemploy Edward with a lower pay scale to compensate for his absence.



The corrwct option is B


The USERRA is a federal statute that protects servicemen and veterans civilian employment rights. Under certain conditions USERRA requires employers to put individuals back to work after their military service

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