Three times a number, X, increased by four is equal to five times the number, x. Which equation can be used to solve for x3x+ 5x=4


Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation:

Three times a number x :  3x

Three times a number x increase by 4:  3x +4

Five  times the number x: 5x

5x = 3x +4

Subtract 3x from both the sides.

5x - 3x = 3x +4 - 3x

2x = 4

Divide both sides by 2

2x/2 = 4/2


The number is 2

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BEST GETS BRAINLEST.A construction engineer needs to make 25 square concrete slabs with sides of length x feet and a height x - 3 feet. If the engineer can use at most 350,000ft^3 of concrete, what should the dimensions of each slab be, to the nearest foot?

a. Write an expression for the volume of all the slabs

b. What should x equal, to the nearest foot?



x ≈ 118 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

To get an expression for the volume of all slabs, we can use the formula of volume of cuboid 'V', which is equal to the product of its length 'x', breadth 'x' and height 'x-3' i.e.

V = x.x.(x-3)

For 25 slabs,

V = 25x.x.(x-3)

Since, V cannot be more than 350,000 ft^(3), therefore,

350000 = 25x^(2) (x-3)

which can be written as:


350000 = 25x^(2)

x = \sqrt{ (350000)/(25)

x ≈ 118 ft


x - 3 = 350000

x = 350003

which is not possible.

Hence x should be 118 ft

We know that the given side lengths are x and the height is x. 

Therefore, the area of the base = 
 A = x * x 

Formula =\ \textgreater \ volume = length*width*height

To \ find \ the \ volume \ of \ 1 \ slab, \ multiply \ by \ the \ height x -3 

= x*x*(x-3) 

Volume \ of \ 25 \ slabs = 25*x^2*(x-3)=350000 

350,000/25 = 14,000

x^3 - 3x^2 - 14000

= 25.14

Rounded => x=25

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The correct answer is A. What you do is convert feet to inches. To do this, you multiply 12 times 5 and you get 60. You subtract 60 from 63 and see that Aaron is 3 inches taller.

Evaluate the expression shown below and write your answer as a fraction in simplest form.




Step-by-step explanation:

4/7 - 23/42 = 24/42 - 23/42 = 1/42

1/42 is the answer ..

the book club members read 200 books in all. Each member reads 5 books. Write an equation to find the number of member in the book club. Use a letter stand for the unknown factor.


5m=200        5 books times the amount of members should equal 200
Hope this helps.
so here is my problem for this answer i am going to answer now, 200-5=198

A pie was cut into 8 equal slices if Ruben ate 3/4 of the pie how many slices did he eat?



Ruben ate 6 pieces out of 8.

Step-by-step explanation:

We will understand 3/4 first. If we divide a pie into 4 pieces then Ruben ate 3 pieces of pie.

Further If we divide these 4 and 3 pieces to 8 and 6 then Ruben will eat 6 pieces out of 8.

Now we will show this mathematically

(3)/(4)=(3)/(4)* (2)/(2)=(3*2)/(4*2)=(6)/(8)

Ruben ate 6 pieces out of 8.

You can just set 3/4=X/8, when you multiply the 4 through you get 3=4x/8 which can be simplied to 3=x/2, multiply the 2 over and you have 6=x.

Which is greater 45 hundredths or 6 tenths


45 hundredths is greayer than 6 tenth because 45 is in the hundredths spot and 6 is in the tenth spot
Answer: The answer is 6 tenths

Step-by-step explanation: You may all know that 45 thousandths is written like this: 0.045 and 6 tenths is written like this: 0.6. It would make perfect sense because there is no number in the tenths place in 45 thousandths and it goes from thousandths, hundredths, tenths and ones. The thousandths being the least and the ones being the most. That means if there is no number in the tenths place in 45 thousandths and there is 6 in 6 tenths, that means that 6 tenths is greater.