Write correct “Apostrophe”: 1 . ________ you hear that the exam was changed to next week? a. Didn’t b. Didn’t 2. _______ a very bad idea to get into a car if the driver has been drinking. a. Its b. It’s 3. _______ having the party tonight? a. Who’s b. Whose 4. Have you made a decision whether ______ going to go to university or go backpacking in Europe? 5. Did you know that ________ leaving the city for good? a. their b. they’re


Answer 1
Answer: 1. Didn’t
2. It’s
3. Who’s
4. You’re
5. They’re
Answer 2


1. DIDN'T you hear that the exam was changed to next week?

2. IT'S  a very bad idea to get into a car if the driver has been drinking.

3. WHO'S having the party tonight?

4. Have you made a decision whether YOU ARE going to go to university or go backpacking in Europe?

5. Did you know that THEY'RE leaving the city for good?


"It's" (means it is) and "Didn't" (means did not) and "Who's" (means who is) and "You" (means You obviously) lol and "They're" (means they are)

Hope this helped!

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Final answer:

The play A Raisin in the Sun is set in Chicago, specifically in the Younger family's overcrowded apartment, before the Civil Rights Act.


The setting of A Raisin in the Sun, a seminal play by Lorraine Hansberry, is option C: Chicago before the Civil Rights Act. The story takes place in the South Side of Chicago, specifically in the overcrowded apartment of the Younger family. This time and place are critical as they underscore the realities, dreams, struggles, and racial tension African Americans faced during this era.

Learn more about A Raisin in the Sun here:




c. Chicago before the Civil Rights Act

With the help of technology students will benefit greatly from studying nữ themselves at home


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What is a dundifier and what does it or they do


"Dundifier" is certainly not a genuine word. The starting point for this word is a written work practice program called "Daily Dazzle." The Daily Dazzle is a five to fifteen moment every day practice program accessible in five levels. It is intended to upgrade understudies' government sanctioned test execution, manufacture certainty, and survey and fortify 17+ basic dialect expressions aptitudes. The task is to separate the word and allot a significance to it in light of what you figure it could mean, including what it is and what it may do.

"Dundifier" is not a real word. The origin for this word is a writing exercise program called "Daily Dazzle." The assignment is to break down the word and assign a meaning to it based on what you think it could mean, including what it is and what it might do.

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Type in: Why is Prometheus a classic myth?  then it shows you a online history book that you can go read the text in for free and let me know what your text says that way i can help you.

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So, you could do something like...

My bedroom door jumped open as I reached for the handle.

Jumped would be the personification of the door because doors can't actually jump.
the room opened its mouth and let me in....the mouth the room has is the door

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