What is the value of x in this proportion?
What is the value of x in this proportion? - 1


Answer 1




(4)/(x)  =   (6)/(9  )  \n or \: 6 * x = 4 * 9(cross \: multiplication) \n or \: 6x = 36 \n or \: x =  (36)/(6)  \n x = 6


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Answer 2


X = 6

Step-by-step explanation:

Cross Multiplication

We can go about this 1 of 2 ways we can either cross multiply or divide across the numerators and denominators. Let's cross multiply. We would 4*9 = 6x. Which would simplify down to 36 = 6x. We would then divide the 6 on each sides of the equation to get 6 = X.

Dividing Across

The other way we can go about it is by seeing what 4 had to be multiplied by to get to 6. We do this by dividing 6 by for which gets us 3/2 or 1.5. Now that we know this we would then divide 9 by 3/2 or 1.5 to get the answer of 6.

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2 5/12 is the answer

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What are the cofficients in the expression 8y2 +12x-5y+7


the coefficients are 8,12 and 5



1. Since there is 2.54 to every inch, you would divide the meterstick of 100 centimeters back to inches.

100 / 2.54 = 39.37 rounded up.

2. 2 divided by 5 equals .40 of 100, so .40 of 35 would be 14. r = 14
So if you put it into the equation of A first

2/5 = 14/35 Which indeed is correct.

So the answer is A.

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David bought 3 dvds and 4 books for $40 at a yard sale. Anna bought 1 dvd and 6 books for $18. How much did each dvd and book cost?


Answer: d=$12, b=$1

d represents DVDs

b represets books

Step-by-step explanation:

Whenever you have 2 examples of 2 different things (such as books and dvds), make a systems of equations.

Step 1: Write a system of equations

3d+4b=  40

d+6b= 18

Step 2: Eliminate any letter. I'll just choose d.

To elimiate d, you have to make them both equal to the biggest d variable. In other words, make both d terms equal to 3d. To do this, miultiply the 2nd equation by 3, and keep the 1st one the same.


3d+18b= 54

Now, elimiate d, by doing 3d-3d= 0. Now use subtraction to solve for b since we used this to get 3 and 3 to 0.


-14b= -14

b= -14÷-14

b= 1

Each book costs 1 dollar.

Step 3: Plug in b=1 to find how much each dvd costs (plug into any equation)








Each dvd is $12

Step 4:  Checks--plug d=12 and b=1 into any equation





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What is the value of the fourth term in a geometric sequence for which a=15 and r= 1/3



Step-by-step explanation:

hello :

the n-ieme term is : An=A1×r^(n-1)

A1 the first term       r : the common ratio

in this exercice : A1 =15        r = 1/3      n = 4

A4=15×(1/3)^(4) =15×4^4 =3840