What was an unintended negative environmental consequence of improved technology in agriculture?A. Farmers went bankrupt purchasing expensive equipment.
B. Modern technology allowed for larger expanses of land to become cultivated, so farming took over many natural areas that were important for wildlife
C. Machines took away jobs commonly performed by farm workers
D. Machines diminished the quality of the crops.​


Answer 1

The correct answer is B. Modern technology allowed for larger expanses of land to become cultivated, so farming took over many natural areas that were important for wildlife.


In the last decades, the creation of agricultural technology has increased the efficiency of growing crops. This means now, all the process is more efficient, which leads to more products to be sold and an increase in profit. However, the possibility of large scale agriculture has caused more land is used for this purpose. This often implies natural ecosystems such as forests are destroyed and the land of these ecosystems, which is usually rich in minerals, is used for extensive agriculture. This is a negative consequence of agricultural technology as natural areas important for wildlife are taken for human profit.

Answer 2




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1112151617181920TIME REMAINING01:29:49During photosynthesis, the energy from sunlight is used to split water molecules. What happens to the hydrogen ions that aresplit from the water molecules?
Which characteristic allows carbon to form chains and rings eith other carbon atoms
A pharmaceutical company wanted to test a new drug developed to lessen the effects of the common cold. To test this drug, scientists tested 50 volunteers, each of whom was suffering the effects of a cold. Twenty five of the people were given the drug, while the other 25 were given a placebo, a sugar pill. None of the participants knew who was taking which pill. All participants received a pill at 8:00 am daily for the first three days of the study. All participants lived in the same environment, with the same climate, eating the same diet, and having the same level of activity. The severity of the cold, hence the effectiveness of the pill, was determined by the number of tissues each person used within 24 hours. At the end of a seven day period, it was concluded that those with the sugar pill had their symptoms disappear as well as those who had taken the new wonder drug. The executive committee decided to produce the drug anyway thinking that the public would do anything to relieve the symptoms of a cold. Type of Variable Description Dependent Variable that the researchers actually measurers, counts or observes. It is what the researcher thinks will change in response to the experimental treatment. Independent Variable that is intentionally changed by the researcher. Standardized or Controlled These variables are held constant between each group to help prevent these factors from influencing the dependent variable. Table Source: CA Surmacz (2004) Inquiring Minds Want to know: Introducing Freshmen to Experimental Design. In Tested studies for laboratory teaching. MA O'Donnell, Ed. Vol 25 Mini Workshops. Assoc. Biology Laboratory Education pp. 316-327. 1) State the research question the study aimed to address 2) What is the hypothesis? 3) Identify the independent variable versus the dependent variable. 4) What variables were held constant in this study? 5) What was the control group? 6) What data was collected during the study? 7) What this data qualitative or quantitative? 8) What was the study's conclusion?
How does natural selection or human evolution affect disease susceptbility
How do these animals most likely make up for not being able to store adequate energy in fat reserves?A) by arousing from hibernation every day to venture outside their burrows to forage for foodB) by breaking down the chemical energy stored in other parts of their bodies, such as their musclesC) by storing extra food in their burrows so that they can refuel during periodic arousals from hibernationD) by lowering their metabolic rates so drastically that their bodies require a

In Western societies, one is considered middle-aged and about to experience a "mid-life crisis" at age ______. a. 30
b. 35
c. 40
d. 50





Recent researches claim that the mid-life crisis may occur from the ages of 45–64. They last about 3–10 years in men and 2–5 years in women.

It was invented in London in 1957 by a 40-year-old Canadian named Elliott Jaques. He claimed that people in their mid-30s typically experience a depressive period. He announced that in this period people realize that their lives are halfway over and that death is closer: Death will happen to them, too. However, through times life spans in rich countries were increasing by about 2.3 years per decade. And nowadays the mid-life crisis age also has increased.

What enzyme splits the hydrogen bonds?


Answer: Helicase Can split hyrdrogen bonds

Which of the following are energy solutions that release pollution into the air>coal
fuel cells
wind energy
nuclear energy
tidal energy



The correct answers are "coal", "petroleum", "fuel cells" and "oil".


The energy solutions that release pollution into the air are coal, petroleum, fuel cells and oil. Coal was one of the first sources of energy to be used in the industry, the smoke generated from coal power plants is extremely dangerous and pollutant. Petroleum and its by products are very contaminant as well, producing high amount of carbon dioxide emissions as well as other greenhouse gases. Fuel cells are much cleaner than the other energy solutions however they still produce contamination into the air, specifically one ounce of pollutant for every 1,000 kW·h produced. Oil is also a contaminant of air, particularly when oil spills take place which are producers of carcinogens and aerosols.

the energy solutions that release polutions into the air are coal, petroleum, oil ,nuclear and tidal energy

Common characteristics supporting the idea that the first land plants were related to green algae include __________.a. Presence of chlorophyll
b. Cell walls made of cellulose
c. Alternation of generations
d. All of the above
e. A and b only


Common characteristics supporting the idea that the first land plants were related to green algae include All of the above. Thus, option "D" is correct.

Which algae is responsible for main supply of oxygen in the atmosphere?

The Green algae are responsible for the main supply of oxygen in the atmosphere. There are tiny organisms called cyanobacteria (or blue-green algae) which photosynthesise carbohydrates for their nutrition and growth using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.

The waste product of cyanobacteria is the oxygen of the atmosphere.

Thus, option "D" is correct.

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Common characteristics supporting the idea that the first land plants were related to green algae include all of the choices.

Determine if the equations represent synthesis reaction, decomposition reaction, single displacement reaction, or double displacement reactions .


The reaction of calciumsulfate is double displacement reaction, the reaction of copper and oxygen is synthesis reaction. The reaction of copper oxide and oxygen is single displacement reaction.

What is chemical reaction?

When atoms establish or break chemicalbonds, chemical processes take place. Reactants are the substances that begin a chemical reaction, while products are the compounds that are created as a result of the reaction.

Combination, decomposition, single-replacement, double-replacement, and combustion are the five fundamental types of chemicalreactions. You can classify a reaction into one of these groups by looking at the reactants and products.

Calcium sulphate undergoes a doubledisplacement reaction, whereas copper and oxygen undergo a synthesis reaction. Copper oxide and carbon is single  displacement reaction.

Thus, first is double displacement reaction, second is synthesis reaction, as well as third reaction is single displacement reaction.

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Vinay is not feeling well. He visits his doctor. The doctor gives Vinay a prescription for antibiotics. What do you conclude about the cause of Vinay’s illness?


Vinay has some infection so doctor prescribehim antibiotics .

What is antibiotics ?

Antibiotics are medicines that fight bacterial infections in people and animals.

Why would a doctor prescribe antibiotics?

We rely on antibiotics to treat serious, life-threatening conditions such as pneumonia and sepsis, the body's extreme response to an infection. Effective antibiotics are also needed for people who are at high risk for developing infections.

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Most likely, Vinay has an infection of some sort.  Hopefully the antibiotics will clear it up before it gets worse and then becomes untreatable.