Steve has overdrawn his checking account by $27. His bank charged him $15 for an overdraft fee. Then he quickly deposited $100. What is his current balance?


Answer 1
Answer: So... that's.... U-27... which apparently is negative 15.... so now all I have to do is subtract 15 from 100.... so.... Steve's current balance is now $85.
lol as soon as I typed "Steve", I thought of Markiplier's pet named Steve

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When George is 15 years old, His father is 45 years old. How old will his father be when George is half his age
1) 3(2x + 10) = 54 ​
A bakery used 25% more butter this month that the last month.If the bakery used 240 kilograms of butter last month,how much did it use this month?
What will be the total cost of Devon's first year?How much financial aid will Devon receive for his firstyear?Devon plans to attend college. He has estimated thecosts for his first year.Tuition = $3,600Other educational expenses = $450Housing and living expenses = $4,000His financial aid counselor says Devon will receive$2,100 that year in grant money, and that he's eligible fora work-study program that will pay $2,300 his first year.Devon also will receive a scholarship for $1,000.How much money will Devon need to save to cover hisfirst year of college?
Solve the simultaneous equation1 3m-4n=1,4m-6n=5.answer this

Please help! Alicia drove at a constant speed and traveled 182.4, point, 4 miles in 3 hours.
How many miles would Alicia travel in 11 hours at the same speed?


Alicia traveled at a constant speed of 182.4 miles in 3 hours. This is the part that is already given in the question. It is required to find out the distance Alicia would travel in 11 hours
Alicia in 3 hours travels = 182.4 miles
In 11 hours Alicia can travel = (182.4/3) * 11
                                             = 2006.4/3
                                             = 668.80 miles
So in 11 hours Alicia can travel a distance of 668.80 miles.Hope this procedure has helped you to understand the problem.

668.8 miles.
IfAlicia drove 182.4 miles in 3 hours, she was driving 60.8 miles/hour,multiply 60.8 by 11 and you get 668.8 miles in 11 hours.

What is 0.506 rounded to the nearest hundredth


0.500 that what is the answer would be

the hundredths place is the 0 look to the number right of it is it 5 or higher? yes so add 1 more to the number your rounding 0.506 now equals 0.51

What is the gcf of 86,129,and 215


The gcf of 86,129 and 215 is 43.
the gcf of 86,129,and 215 is 43 :)

pet store inc found that they were selling more guinea pigs and fewer birds. in 2010, they had 42 birds in stock, and in 2011, they decided to only keep 34 birds in stock. What was the percent decrease in inventory from 2010 to 2011


Answer=19.05% decrease 

    42 birds          34 birds
 100percent        x percent

cross multiply
divide both sides by 42
x=80.95 percent

The inventory in 2011 is 80.95% the inventory in 2010

100-80.95=19.05% decrease
decrease it to get your answer 
hope that helps

ABCD is a rectangle with AC=20 and AB=2BC. What is the area of rectangle ABCD?


AC= 20 , \ AB=2BC \n\n Pythagorean\ theorem,\ we \ have : \n \n |AC|^2 = (2|BC|)^2+ |BC|^2 \n \n20^2 = 4|BC| ^2+ |BC|^2 \n \n400 =5|BC|^2\ \ /:5

|BC|^2=80 \n \n|BC|=√(80)=√(16\cdot 5)=4√(5)\n \n|AB|=2\cdot |BC| =2\cdot 4√(5)=8√(5)\n \nArea = |AB|\cdot |A|\n \nArea=8\cdot √(5)\cdot 4\cdot √(5)=32 \cdot 5 = 160 \n \n Answer : Area \ ABCD \ a \ rectangle = 160

Let AB = 2x and BC be x.

By pythagoras theorum,

20² = x² + (2x)²

400 = x² + 4x²
400 = 5x²
80 = x²

x= √80 = 4√5 , thus, 2x = 8√5

Now, area = AB x AC

= 4√5 * 8√5

= 32 * 5

= 160

Thus, the area of rectangle ABCD is 160 units

Pedro fills a glass 2/4 full with orange juice write a fraction with a denominator of 6 that is greater than 2/4


A fraction with the denominator of 6 and is breather than 2/4 would be 5/6 or 4/6