-2(bx-5)=16 what is the value of x in terms of b and what is the value of x when b is 3?


Answer 1
Answer: Answer= -54


If b is 3, then it changes to -2(3x-5)=16

We want to find x, right? Then we must do -2•3x and -2(-5). The result would be -6x and 10.

Then again, the equation would change -6x+10=16
Which would be -6x=6
Is x=6/6

And then x would be 1

Please tell me what I did wrong and if it is wrong, comment on this and I’ll fix my mistake!^^

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Can anyone please help me under this and what I'm supposed to do. Thank you in advance



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Answer number one

Formula of simple intrest​


Formula : A = P (1 + r*t)

a - final amount

p- initial balance

r- interest rate

t- time