You are able to count pennies at a rate of 1 penny per second. How manydays will it take for you to count 268,453 pennies?


Answer 1
Answer: I believe the answer you are looking for would be 1,234 seconds. I’m not sure tho

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A deck of cards contains RED cards numbered 1,2,3, BLUE cards numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6, and GREEN cards numbered 1,2. If a single card is picked at random, what is the probability that the card is GREEN AND has an ODD number? Provide the final answer as a fraction.
Jason family donated 12 cases of soup for the schools food drive. Each case had four rows with six cans of soup in each row. how many cans of soup did Jason's family donate in all?
If triangle ABC = triangle DEC what is the value of x?A. 8B. 5C. 4D. 1E. 2​
Kalvin sells bottles of water at baseball games he pays 0.75 per bottle and 3.78 for the ice to keep cold let b represent the number of bottles of water he buys c represent his total cost
Proportional relationships

Which equations have a value less than 6,766?A. one fourth x 6,766 = ________

B. 6 x 6,766 = ________

C. one half x 6,766 = ________

D. 1 x 6,766 = ________

A and C
D and B
A and B
C and D
please help giving brainlyest


A and C are the correct answers.

I hope this helps.

A and C I Think......

In the expression 4X +2, what do we call the 2




Step-by-step explanation:

in the expression 4x + 2,

2 is a constant which will remain the same through out the expression

State whether the following function is a linear function f(x)=x-4


Yes it is a linear function

PLZ SHOW STEP BY STEP EXPLANATION FOR BRAINLIEST Three monkeys met for tea in their favourite café, taking off their hats as they arrived. When they left, they each put on one of the hats at random.

What is the probability that they all left wearing the wrong hat?



2/6 or 1/3

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Step-by-step explanation:

Call monkeys A, B and C and hats 1, 2 and 3

You have :

  • A1, B2, C3 (all have the right hat)
  • A2, B1, C3
  • And so on.

Now, a little more advanced way to solve this is to count in your head. Each outcome gives you a permutation of {1, 2, 3} so there are 3! = 6 Outcomes. Now, if they all wear the wrong hat, you have two choices for the hat of A and then only one choices for B and C. For instance you can choose A2 or A3. If you choose A2 then you must choose B3 and C1.

the label on marc’s yogurt said that one serving provided 10 grams of fiber, which is 50% of the recommended daily amount. what is the total recommended daily amount of fiber?



20 grams

Step-by-step explanation:

10 grams is 50%. 50% x 2= 100%. so you do 50/100=10/20, and you will get 2. Apply that to the 10, 10 x 2=20.

Verify the linear approximation at (0, 0) forf(x, y) = 7x + 4
5y + 1
â 4 + 7x â 20y

Let f(x, y) = 7x + 4 5y + 1 . Then fx(x, y) = ________


You need to plug in the (0,0) that’s it