Anurak has nickels, dimes, and pennies in his pocket. The coins in Anurak's pocket have a total value of 75 cents. He has three more nickels than dimes and five times as many pennies as dimes. How many coins of each type does Anurak have?


Answer 1


Anurak has 15 pennies, 6 nickels and 3 dimes.

Step-by-step explanation:

We must have these informations in mind:

1) A penny is a 1-cent coin.

2) A dime is a 10-cent coin.

3) A nickel is a 5-cent coin.

Let be x, y, z the quantities of pennies, nickels and dimes, respectively. From statement we get that to value in Anurak's pocket is represented by this mathematical expression:

0.01\cdot x + 0.05 \cdot y + 0.10\cdot z = 0.75(Eq. 1)

In addition, we get the following identities:

i)He has three more nickels than dimes

z + 3 = y(Eq. 2)

ii)And five times as many pennies as dimes

x = 5\cdot z(Eq. 3)

The system of linear equations is now reduced: (Eqs. 2, 3) in (Eq. 1)

0.05\cdot z +0.05\cdot z + 0.15 + 0.10\cdot z = 0.75

0.20\cdot z = 0.60

z = 3

The remaining variables are y = 6 and x = 15.

Anurak has 15 pennies, 6 nickels and 3 dimes.

Answer 2


Anurak has 15 pennies, 6 nickels and 3 dimes.

Step-by-step explanation:

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Step-by-step explanation:

The double bar around any number means absolute value. Absolute value makes any number positive.


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The vault of h is 10

Step-by-step explanation:

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x=10 (Dividing by 18 to find x)

2(10)=20 (Looking for smallest angle which is 2)