Describe the relationship that existed between the Spaniards and the indigenous people of North America.The relationship between the spainiards and the indigenous is that they don’t like each other if there were a wedding to kill each other they would do it


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After the discovery of America by Cristobal Colon in 1492, the Spanish Empire began to colonize the territory, establishing settlements in different regions of North, Central and South America. Thus, in North America it expanded through the current territories of Florida and the Southwest of the United States, from California to Texas.

In all its colonies, the natives were exploited by the Spanish through the encomienda system, by which the Spanish established settlements and work areas, in which they exploited natural resources through free native labor, which were paid with "education" and "Catholic evangelization", in many cases dealing with disguised slavery.

Answer 2

The relationship between the Spaniards and the indigenous people of North America was complex and often marked by conflict, exploitation, and cultural clashes.

The Spanish explorers, seeking wealth and conquest, encountered various indigenous tribes with distinct cultures, languages, and traditions. While some interactions were initially peaceful and trade-based, the Spanish colonization soon led to violence, forced labor, and diseases that devastated native populations.

Many indigenous communities were enslaved or displaced, leading to the decline of their civilizations. The Spaniards also sought to convert them to Christianity, further affecting their traditional belief systems. This tumultuous interaction shaped the history of North America and had lasting consequences on indigenous communities.

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I recommend watching the Ted Ed about this topic.  It helped me a lot when I was studying Ancient Rome and the Byzantine Empire.

your answer should be A!!!

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what is the significance of the well at Dos Erres in terms of understanidng what happened the night of the massacre


In the Dos Erres massacre, The commandos shot or beat the men and women with a hammer before throwing them into the well after questioning each one individually.

What is Dos Erres massacre?

Dos Erres, a small community in the municipal of La Libertad, in the  Guatemala, was the site of the Dos Erres Massacre on December 6, 1982. The village's name, often spelled "Las Dos Erres," literally translates to "two Rs" and comes from the two brothers named Ruano who were granted the original land grant.

As part of a government's scorched earth strategy, which resulted in up to 200,000 deaths of indigenous and Mayan people, commandos posing as government forces massacred about 200 people in Dos Erres on December 6, 1982, under the de facto presidency of General Efran Ros Montt.

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The Dos Erres massacre of 6 December 1982 took place in Dos Erres, a small village in the municipality of La Libertad, in the northern Petén department of Guatemala. The name of the village, occasionally given as "Las Dos Erres", literally means "two Rs", originating from two brothers called Ruano who received the original land grant.

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