WILL MARK BRAINLIEST List all of the number sets that contain the number 15.
A. rational numbers and integers
B. rational numbers, integers, and natural numbers
C. rational numbers, integers, and whole numbers
D. rational numbers, integers, natural numbers, and whole numbers


Answer 1

Answer: D

Step-by-step explanation:

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Subject: writing equations Fake answers-reported cuz I’m rly tryna pass this shi.
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Fourth term of sequence is 216, sixth term 96
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Order of operations (41-3^2)-(4+4)


Order is operation is PEMDAS which means Parentheses, Exponents Mulitiplication,division,Addition and Subtraction so you follow the order whether they exist or not.

So (41-3^2)-(4+4)=

41-9-8 = 32-8 = 24

Does funko pop do custom orders?


yes they do on their website!!


yeah i think so

the same type of television is being sold at two different stores. store A is selling the television for $800, which is $120 more than half the cost of the television at store B. write and solve an equation to determine the selling price for the television at store B.


Answer: the selling price of the television at store B is $1360

Step-by-step explanation:

Assuming the selling price of the television at store B is represented by $B. Store A is selling the television for $800, which is $120 more than half the cost of the television at store B. The equation representing this situation is expressed as

800 = B/2 + 120

Multiplying the left hand side and the right hand side of the equation by 2, it becomes

1600 = B + 240

B = 1600 - 240

B = $1360

a moving truck charges $250 to rent a truck and $0.40 for each mile driven. mr.lee paid a total of $314. which equation can be used to find m, the number of miles he drove the moving truck?


(314 - 250) / 0.40 = m
^divided by
m = 160
m=160 I double checked

DO NOT ANSWER W/O EXPLANATION PLEASE! NEED WRITTEN SOLUTION.In triangle ABC, an altitude is drawn from vertex C to the line containing AB. The length of this altitude is h and h=AB. Which of the following is true?
I. Triangle ABC could be a right triangle.
II. Angle C cannot be a right angle.
III. Angle C could be less than 45 degrees.


We have altitude h to side AB and AB=h, i.e. the altitude is congruent to the side it goes to.

That's all kinds of triangles.  One way to see them is using two horizontal parallel lines h apart, the bottom one with a base AB=h somewhere on it.  Then any C on the top line makes a triangle ABC with altitude h=AB.

Let's go through the choices.

I. ABC could be a right triangle.  That's TRUE.

We could have the isoscleles right triangle, C directly above B, so AC is the leg and an altitude, AB=AC and B is the right angle.

II. Angle C cannot be a right angle.  That's TRUE.

The biggest angle C can be is when it's over the midpoint of AB, so if AB=2, h=2, and



C_{\textrm{max}} = 2 \arctan(1/2) \approx 53.13^\circ

III. Angle C could be less than 45 degrees.   That's TRUE.

As long as C stays on our top parallel, we can make it as acute as we like by going farther away from AB.

All true.  Hmmm.

I need help. I have this question and it says express your answer as a simplified mixed number 8 4/7 - 3 2/7 =​



5 3/7 or 37/7

Answer :
5 2/7 simplified mixed number