What is the function of the adverb clause in the sentence? Once they realized their mistake, the construction workers removed the orange cones from the wrong side of the street. It answers the question how, and modifies the noun street.
It answers the question when and modifies the verb removed.
It is a dependent clause that acts as an adjective. It is a dependent clause that acts as a noun.


Answer 1


B) It answers the question when and modifies the verb removed.


A sentence's adverbs are dependent clauses. It clarifies the phrase's verb, adjective, or adverb. "Once the construction workers realized their mistake, they removed the orange cones from the wrong side of the street" Modifies when the cones were removed. After realizing their error, the workers removed the cones.

You will need a method PEE chart to keep you focused on the issue at hand and guarantee that your response makes sense.

By dividing the paragraph into its first, middle, and last sentences, you may maintain your point and keep it well organized.

This is accomplished by using the PEE chart:

  • P) point
  • E) illustration
  • E) explanation
Answer 2

The adverb clause 'Once they realized their mistake' functions to specify when the construction workers removed the orange cones, thus modifying the verb 'removed'.

In the given sentence, "Once they realized their mistake, the construction workers removed the orange cones from the wrong side of the street," the adverb clause "Once they realized their mistake" functions to specify when the action of the main verb "removed" occurred. Adverb clauses provide additional information about the circumstances, time, place, or manner of the main action in a sentence. In this case, the adverb clause answers the question "when" the construction workers removed the orange cones and emphasizes the timing of the action in relation to the realization of their mistake. The adverb clause does not modify the noun "street" or act as a noun or adjective itself; instead, it precisely modifies the verb, adding temporal context to the sentence.

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Answer: d

Explanation: I hope this helps

its probably D have a good day

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# SPJ 5


B - objective.


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