What’s the difference between federalism and capitalism


Answer 1


Both are ideas on different subject.

Federalism is a form and system of government. This federalism system is based on democratic rules and institution. For the distribution of powers among central and regional level, we have European Federal Style which is based on weak central government and United States Style which is based on strong central government.

Capitalism is about the economic system. It is about the ownership on the mode of production and profit. Under the umbrella of capitalism, we can divide it into free-market capitalism, welfare capitalism , state capitalism, Mixed -Economy. Its different form is based on varying degree of free-market,public ownership, competition and social policies.


Answer 2


Federalism is a form and system of government.

Capitalism is about the economic system.

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Answer: A

Explanation: The imperialists have in their ideology a strong influence originating from Manifest Destiny.

Manifest Destiny was nothing more than the realization of the sense of racial superiority that permeated the philosophy of the United States from its earliest days.

In this context, there is the thought that advanced society must civilize primitive cultures, as described in the first one A

DO 6) Choose the best answer.What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts?
They were put into place by the French to oversee the colonies.
They were put into place by the Spanish to keep the colonies safe.
They were put into place by the British to provide control over the colonies.
They were put into place to help stop pirating in the seas.
They were put into place to help ships navigate the ocean.


Final answer:

The Navigation Acts were put in place by the British to provide control over the colonies' trade, ensuring it was beneficial to the British Empire.


The Navigation Acts were a series of laws instituted by the British government in the 17th and 18th centuries. The purpose of these acts was to assert British control over the colonies' trade. By controlling trade, the British aimed to ensure that the trade conducted by their American colonies was beneficial to the Empire, preventing the colonies from trading with rival nations. This placed a considerable burden on the colonists and is considered one of the causes of the American Revolution.

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Select the correct answer.How did the Enclosure Acts help to fuel the Industrial Revolution?
O A.
They boosted agricultural exports that led farmers to invest their profits in industries.
O B.
They increased the availability of labor that was needed for the growing industries.
O C.
They promoted innovation in agricultural techniques, which encouraged innovation in other fields.
O D. They led to a steady rise in income for the middle class, who helped to finance the industries.


The correct answer is option (B).

They increased the availability of labor that was needed for the growing industries.

How did the Enclosure Acts help to fuel the Industrial Revolution?

  • The impoverished were compelled to relocate to concentrated areas like industrial towns and cities where they had to look for employment in mines and factories. 
  • Thus, it is frequently cited by historians as one of the primary origins of the Industrial Revolution. 
  • Due to the Enclosure Acts, wealthy landowners now possess property that used to belong to families; nevertheless, these families are now compelled to relocate to the city in search of industrial work. 
  • Farmers were forced to sell their farm and went to the market to look for work.
  • The Enclosure Movement was an effort in the 18th and 19th centuries to convert land that had previously been privately owned and typically surrounded by walls, fences, or hedges from being owned in common by all the residents of a village or at least accessible to the general public for grazing animals and growing food.

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How did the actions of some Catholic officials encourage the Protestant Reformation?A. Some officials were secretly supporting Martin Luther’s push for reforms.

B. Some officials were involved in simony, which caused people to seek reform.

C. Some officials disagreed with the way the pope handled Martin Luther’s proposals.

D. Some officials required people living on church lands to pay property taxes to the church.



It is B :)



The Answer is B