What does the letter U stand for 25 > u-7


Answer 1


Solve for  u  by simplifying both sides of the inequality, then isolating the variable.

Inequality Form:


Interval Notation:


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A circle has a radius of five an arc in the circle has a central angle of 162 what is the length of the arc enter an exact answer in terms of pie or use with 3.14 for pie and enter your answer as a decimal



Length of arc = 14.13

Step-by-step explanation:


Radius of circle, r = 5

An arc in the circle has a central angle of 162°

To find the length of the arc, L, let's use the formula:

L = 2\pi r (\theta)/(360)

Where \theta = 162°

Therefore, substituting figures, we have:

L = 2*3.14*5 ((162)/(360))

L = 31.4 * 0.45

L = 14.13

Length of arc is 14.13 units

6.Write the equation in slope-intercept form for the line that passes through the given pointand is perpendicular to the given equation.5x + 3y = -21 and passes through (-5, 1)


Let us first solve for the slope (m) of the perpendicular line.

\text{ 5x + 3y = -21}\text{ 3y = -5x - 21}\text{ y =}\frac{-5x\text{ -21}}{3}\text{ y = -}(5)/(3)x-7

The slope of the perpendicular line is -5/3.

Thus, for the slope of the line, we get,

\text{ m}_(\perp)\text{ = }(-5)/(3)\text{ m = }(3)/(5)

Let us solve for the value of b with the given value of slope (m) = 3/5 and (x,y) = (-5,1).

\text{ y = mx + b}1\text{ = (}(3)/(5))(-5)+b1\text{ = -1 + b ; b = 1 + 1 = }2

Let's now make the equation of the line using Slope-Intercept Form,

Given, m = 3/5 and b = 2

\text{ y = mx+b}\text{ y = (}(3)/(5))x\text{ + 2}

\text{ y = }(3)/(5)x\text{ +2}

Write 8×8×8×8×8 as power ​



\boxed{\sf \ \ \ 8^5 \ \ \ }

Step-by-step explanation:


8*8*8*8*8 =8^5

because we use five time 8 in the multiplication

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Your answer would be 8^5, (8 to the power of 5) the reason behind the five is because we see the 8 being multiplied about 5 times

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see the analysis below

Step-by-step explanation:

-3(-5)+7y=5(-5)+2y solve for y




Step-by-step explanation:



5y= -10

5y/5= -10/5

y= -2


y= -17/5 or -3.4

Step-by-step explanation:

-8+7y= -25+2y

5y= -17

y= -17/5 or -3.4

0 + 12 and 0 *O Yes; Identity Property
O Yes; Associative Property
O Yes; Commutative Property
O Yes; Inverse Property
O Expressions are not equal



Yes; Identity Property..

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