Simran waited 3 1/2 hours for her car to get repaired.what is 3 1/2 written as a decimal


Answer 1
Answer: 3.5 is 3 and one half

Fun fact
Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

im a sophmore and i know this

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Determine the circumference of the base of the tin?


By answering the given question, we may state that We can apply the formula if we know the radius: C = 2πr where the radius r is.

what is diameter?

In geometry, a circle's diameter is any straight line segment whose endpoint is on the circle and which passes through its centre. Another name for it is the circle's longest chord. The diameter of a sphere can be defined using either idea. The diameter is the length of the line perpendicular to the two points at either end of the circle. If you think of length as the distance between two points, then diameter is length. The diameter of a circle is the separation between its two farthest points.

We must know the base's diameter or radius in order to calculate the circumference of the tin.

If we know the diameter, we can apply the following formula to determine the circle's circumference:

C = πd

where d is the diameter and C is the circumference.

We can apply the formula if we know the radius:

C = 2πr

where the radius r is.

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Two points located on jk are j (-1,-9) and k (5,3). What is the slope of jk?



Slope = 2

Step-by-step explanation:

Slope = (rise)/(run)

Slope = (3+9)/(5+1)

Slope = (12)/(6)

Slope = 2

In the given case, we can conclude that The slope of the line JK is 2.

To find the slope of the line that passes through the points J(-1,-9) and K(5,3), we can use the formula: slope = (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1).

The slope of a line is a measure of how steep the line is. It describes the rate at which the dependent variable (usually denoted as 'y') changes with respect to a change in the independent variable (usually denoted as 'x').

Plugging in the coordinates, we get:

slope = (3 - (-9)) / (5 - (-1)) = 12 / 6 = 2.

Learn more about Slope here:


Classify the following triangle. Check all that apply


The given triangle is a righttriangle.

Option E is the correct answer.

What is a triangle?

A triangle is a 2-D figure with three sides and three angles.

The sum of the angles is 180 degrees.

We can have an obtuse triangle, an acute triangle, or a right triangle.

We have,

The sum of the angles must be 180.


45 + 45  + 90 = 180

This is a condition for the right triangle.


The given triangle is a righttriangle.

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D and E

the triangle is right as it has a right angle as one of the 3 angles

the triangle is isosceles as it has 2 equal sides , indicated by the score on the equal sides and 2 equal base angles of 45°

In one city, the ratio of households with pets tohouseholds without pets is 30 to 29. If 20,735 households
do not have pets, how many households have pets?
A 21.450
B 42,185
C 40,779
D 20.044




Step-by-step explanation:

i took the k12 test

3 gallons of paint cover 900 square feet. How many gallons will cover
1950 square feet?



six and a half litres

Step-by-step explanation:

if 3g = 900

what about 1950

you cross multiply

The ratios a:b and b:c are equivalent to one anotherSelect all the statements that must be true

1. a=c

2. b/a = c/b

3. b-a = c-b

4. a
5. if a=b, then b=c



2 and 5

Step-by-step explanation:

We have rations:

a:b=b:c, we can write that also like

a/b=b/c. Now we know that:

axc=bxb i.e

c=bxb/a, i.e. c/b=b/a then statmen 2 is TRUE.

Statmen 1 is not tru, because if a=c than we have a:b=b:a an it is true only if b=a, but we don’t have that information.

Statmen 3: suppose that

a:b=b:c=k, where k is some number. From that we get:

a=kb and c=b/k.

So b-a=b-kb=(1-k)b

And c-b=b/k-b=(1/k-1)b, these two statmen are equal only if k=1, i,e a=b=c but we dont have that information, so 3 is not true.

4. I think it is missing something??

5. If a=b than a:b=b:b=1, so it is b:c=1, i.e b=c, statement 5 is TRUE


2. b/a = c/b

5. if a=b, then b=c