1) Which sentence from the text supports the inference that a lot ofpeople consider Jupiter to be a colorful planet?
If we lived near Jupiter, our skin would turn blue very
Along with several other planets, Jupiter has a faint
ring that encircles the planet.
Since Galileo, scientists have been looking at Jupiter's
bright bands of red, orange, and pink for centuries
In the last few decades, the United States has begun
to send colorful and sturdy spacecraft to Jupiter.


Answer 1

Answer: d

Explanation: I hope this helps

Answer 2
Answer: its probably D have a good day

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PLEASE HURRYno links please!Which statement is the best example of a claim?A. Americans don't want to pay high prices for clothes.B. Many clothes that Americans buy are made in sweatshops.C. Some critics think clothing manufacturers should pay their employeesmore.D. People should only buy clothes made in a humane way.
Resolution of the story the meet by madelyn srin
Describe a course or subject you should like to take in the future
PLEASE HELP!! 20 POINTS!What is the final step of preparing and organizing a research paper?A - Making sure the topic isn't too broad or narrowB - Developing a thesis statementC - Fitting all the information in your research paperD- Analyzing information
Using your Webtext and the supplemental resource featured this week, select two (2) U.S. Constitution amendments from the Bill of Rights. Then, in your own words, write a 200 to 500 word response on what they mean to you.

Imagine this is one ad in a huge ad campaign for B.I.G.G. Bars. What is the most likely social effect of this campaign?People will start watching and playing basketball more often.
People will start to believe that food supplements like energy bars are as healthy as real food.
People will start naming their products after famous celebrities


Answer: People will start to believe that food supplements like energy bars are as healthy as real food.


Whilst you did not attach any advert or link to an advert, this is most likely the correct answer.

The purpose of marketing/ advertisement is to increase the demand for a particular good or service. When a company engages in advertising therefore, it is done to increase the demand for whatever good they are selling.

In this scenario, the company behind the advertisement is an energy bar company which means that the ad must be about increasing the demand for energy bars. Option B would therefore make the most sense.

People will start to believe that food supplements like energy bars are as healthy as real food. The most likely social effect of this campaign would be: People will start watching and playing basketball more often.

The ad campaign for B.I.G.G. Bars, likely emphasizing energy and vitality, could inspire a connection between consuming these bars and an active, energetic lifestyle. This might encourage individuals to engage in more physical activities like basketball, aligning with the brand's messaging. While the other options could have some impact, the emphasis on basketball and physical activity seems to be the primary focus of the campaign, contributing to a more active and health-conscious society.

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Which sentence describes the rising action of the story?O
A. At the end of the novel, the narrator explains how he lived to tell
the tale.
B. Captain Ahab soon reveals the purpose of this voyage, which is to
hunt down a white whale that injured him
C. The conflict has been resolved and order restored - at the
expense of the Pequod, its crew, and its captain.
D. At the beginning of the story, we meet the narrator, who tells the
tale of Captain Ahab and the crew of a ship, the Pequod


I think it’s B idk if it’s right but that’s my thought ok it’s B




In literature, what is a subject?O
A. an idea about the work
a perspective on the work
a topic of the particular work
a statement about the work


C. A topic of the particular work

Teiresias tells Oedipus that he (Oedipus) will be "A blind man/a penniless man, who/will go tapping the strange earth with his staff."a. True.
b. False.


Answer: True

Explanation: Teresa's tells Oedipus the above.

Who is a foil character to D'Artagnan?a.

M. de Treville


the King


Monsieur Bonacieux


Madame Bonacieux (Constance)



b: Monsieur Bonacieux (Constance)

Quoted passages must be framed.


What are u asking???