Find the GCF of the set of numbers 12 30
Find the GCF of the set of numbers 12 30 - 1


Answer 1


D. 6

Step-by-step explanation:

GCF means greatest common factor, so if you test out all of the answers, the factors you come up with is 2 and 6. Since 6 is larger, that is your answer.

Answer 2

Answer: the answer is 6

Step-by-step explanation:

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Which of the following values cannot be​ probabilities? 0.04​, 5 divided by 3​, 1​, 0​, 3 divided by 5​, StartRoot 2 EndRoot​, negative 0.59​, 1.49 Select all the values that cannot be probabilities. A. 1.49 B. 1 C. three fifths D. StartRoot 2 EndRoot E. five thirds F. 0 G. negative 0.59 H. 0.04
Problem 11. (3 pt) [MBB2012, Ex. 4.46, p. 150, Dice] An experiment consists of tossing a single die and observing the number of dots that show on the upper face. Events A, B, and C are defined as follows: (A:) Observe a number less than 4 (B:) Observe a number less than or equal to 2 (C:) Observe a number greater than 3 Find the probabilities associated with the events below using either the simple event approach or the rules and definitions from this section. (a) S (b) A|B (c) B (d) A ∩ B ∩ C (e) A ∩ B (f) A ∩ C (g) B ∩ C (h) A ∪ B (i) B ∪ C .

A typical combine harvester sells for $500,000. If the value of the combine depreciates 5.52% each year, how many years will it take to lose half of it's value? Round your answer to the nearest whole number of years.


To model the given problem, we use the following exponential function:


Now, we set the above equation to


Solving for t, we get:

\begin{gathered} (250,000)/(500,000)=0.9448^(t,) \n tln(0.9448)=ln((1)/(2)), \n t=(ln((1)/(2)))/(ln(0.9448)). \end{gathered}

Finally, we get:

t\approx12\text{ years.}


12\text{ years.}

An element with a mass of 570 grams decays by 26.7% per minute. To the nearest minute, how long will it be until there are 40 grams of the element remaining?


Answer: x ≈ 9

Step-by-step explanation:

Near the end of the picture 8.553364=x

x ≈ 9

Tara has 1 3/5yards of fabric. She needs

2 1/2

times this amount to make a shopping bag. How much fabric does Tara need to make the bag?



amount of fabric to make the bag = 4 yards

Step-by-step explanation:

Tara has 1 3/5 yards of fabric . She needs extra 2 1/2 times the amount she have to make a shopping bag. The amount of fabric she needs to make the bag can be calculated as follows.

1 3/5 yards = 8/5 yards of fabrics

What she actually needs to make a shopping bag is two and half the amount she has . Mathematically, it can be express

2 1/2 × 8/5

Let us change 2 1/2 to improper fraction

amount of fabric to make the bag = 5/2 × 8/5

amount of fabric to make the bag = 40/10

amount of fabric to make the bag = 4 yards

4s-12= 5s+51 what is the solution


Given data:

The given expression is 4s-12=5s+51.

The given expression can be written as,





Thus, the value of s is -63.

Is f(x)=7-2x a polynomial function




Step-by-step explanation:


Yes, this F(x) is a polynomial function involving the first and null integer powers of x:  x^0 and x^1.

Final answer:

Yes, f(x) = 7 - 2x is a polynomial function because it satisfies the general form of a polynomial, which requires that every term is in the form ax^n for nonnegative integer n.


Yes, the function f(x) = 7-2x is indeed a polynomial function. A polynomial function is a function such as a quadratic, a cubic, a quartic, and so on, for which the function is of the form f(x) = ax^n, where n is a nonnegative integer. In this case, f(x) = 7-2x can be more comprehensively written as f(x) = -2x^1 + 7x^0, which reflects the general form of a polynomial function.

Learn more about polynomial function here:


Can so one help me solve this, pleaseMatch the given phrase with the equivalent algebraic expression.

- A. B. C. D.
The product of -12 and a number

- A. B. C. D.
The quotient of -12 and a number

- A. B. C. D.
Twice the sum of -12 and a number

- A. B. C. D.
The sum of -12 and twice a number

2 open parentheses negative 12 plus x close parentheses

fraction numerator negative 12 over denominator x end fraction

negative 12 plus 2 x

negative 12 x



See explanation below

Step-by-step explanation:

We are going to transform the given phrase to an equivalent algebraic expression, let's x be a number:

a) The product of -12 and a number (we have to multiply)

(-12)x = -12x

b) The quotient of -12 and a number (quotient means division)


c) Twice the sum of -12 and a number (we're going to sum up -12 and a number and then multiply by 2)

2(-12 + x)

d) The sum of -12 and twice a number (we're going to sum up -12 and the double of the number)

-12 + 2x