Roxanne wants to save up enough money so that she can buy a video game. The game costs $59. Roxanne has $22 saved from mowing the grass. In order to make more money, she plans to pressure wash her neighbors’ driveways. She plans to charge $5 for each driveway she pressure washes, and any extra money she makes beyond $59 she will save to buy another video game. How many driveways does she need to pressure wash to reach her goal?


Answer 1
Answer: Roxanna will have to wash 8 driveways giving her a total of $62 to go towards her new video game. She’ll have $3 left over.

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All of the points in the picture are on the same line.Find the values for "a" and "b". Explain your reasoning.
Please answer this correctly without making mistakes
Given line AB with point P above, Grace was asked to construct a line parallel to line AB. She used her compass and straight edge to draw line PQ parallel to line AB using a transversal line PT. Which statement is true? A) AT = QP B) PR = TB C) ∠PTB = ∠PTA D) ∠SPR = ∠PTB
You are going to play mini golf. A ball machine that contains 23 green golf balls, 24 red golf balls, 18 blue golf balls, and 24 yellow golf balls, randomly gives you your ball. What is the probability that you end up with a red golf ball?
This graph shows the distance that a robot walks. What is the robot’s speed?

According to a past survey, 23% of Americans have hypertension. After a stringent regimen of diet and exercise, 75 people were then tested and 18 were found to have hypertension. Based on this sample, does diet and exercise reduce hypertension? Use a significance level of 0.05.a) yesb) no


Answer:No, Diet and exercise does not reduce hypertension.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

p = 0.23

n = 75

x = 18

So, \hat{p}=(x)/(n)=(18)/(75)=0.24

So, hypothesis would be


So, the test statistic value would be

z=\frac{\hat{p}-p}{\sqrt{(p(1-p))/(n)}}\n\nz=\frac{0.24-0.23}{\sqrt{(0.23* 0.77)/(75)}}\n\nz=(0.01)/(0.049)\n\nz=0.204

At α = 0.05 level of significance, we get

critical value = 1.96

and 1.96>0.204.

so, we will accept the null hypothesis.

Hence, No, Diet and exercise does not reduce hypertension.

Write an equation of a line that passes through (-3,1), perpendicular to Y=-3x-3




Step-by-step explanation:

  • To be perpendicular, the product of the slope is -1.
  • (x,y) Substituting the coordinates.
  • y= 1/3(x+3) + 1
  • y= 1/3x +2


your answer is correct

Step-by-step explanation:

the first one is the correct answer

6^3x=14 Show your work



Is 3x supposed to be an exponent?

Step-by-step explanation:

Both possible answer are provided

3x as an exponent and as 6 times 3x

Assume that you plan to use a significance level of α = 0.05 to test the claim that p1 = p2. Use the given sample sizes and numbers of successes to find the pooled estimate. Round your answer to the nearest thousandth. n1 = 677 n2 = 3377
x1 = 172 x2 = 654



The calculated  value Z = 3.775 > 1.96 at 0.05 level of significance

Null hypothesis is rejected

The Two Population proportion are not equal

Step-by-step explanation:

Given first sample size n₁ = 677

First sample proportion

                             p^(-) _(1) = (x_(1) )/(n_(1) ) = (172)/(677) = 0.254

Given second sample size n₂ = 3377

second sample proportion

                             p^(-) _(2) = (x_(2) )/(n_(2) ) = (654)/(3377) = 0.1936

Null Hypothesis : H₀ :  p₁ = p₂.

Alternative Hypothesis : H₁ :  p₁ ≠ p₂.

      Test statistic

                Z = \frac{p_(1) ^(-)-p^(-) _(2)  }{\sqrt{P Q((1)/(n_(1) ) +(1)/(n_(2) )) } }


        P = (n_(1) p_(1) + n_(2) p_(2)  )/(n_(1)+n_(2)  ) = (677 X 0.254+3377 X 0.1936)/(677+3377)

       P =  0.2036

      Q = 1 - P = 1 - 0.2036 = 0.7964


         Z = \frac{0.254- 0.1936 }{\sqrt{0.2036 X 0.7964((1)/(677 ) +(1)/(3377 )) } }

        Z =  3.775

Critical value ∝=0.05

Z- value = 1.96

The calculated  value Z = 3.775 > 1.96 at 0.05 level of significance

Null hypothesis is rejected

The Two Population proportion are not equal

Which expression has a negative value?−3×3×−3×−3×−3





Step-by-step explanation:

A - 3×3×-3×-3×-3 = 243

B - 3×-3×3 = 27

C - 3×3×-3×-3 = -81

D - 3×-3 = 9

The correct option is C

Answer: answer is c

Step-by-step explanation:

How many meters are in 100 millimeters? 1




Step-by-step explanation:

divide the length value by 1000