Which of the following best describes what drought is and why it is such a major challenge?a.
Drought creates a moistness in the soil, which can cause crops to rot. Farmers can lose their entire crop
Drought is a method of agriculture, in which the farmer sets fire to land to add nutrients to the soil. The fires can be a problem if they get out of control.
Drought is caused by a lack of rain. It causes the destruction of crops which can often lead to widespread famine.
Drought is caused by excessive amounts of rain. It causes the destruction of crops which can often lead to widespread famine.


Answer 1


C. Drought is caused by a lack of rain......

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Which description of Henry David Thoreau is accurate? A. the author of many poems about the Founding Fathers that became patriotic songs B. the author of several children's stories and novels that are still read today C. the author of an essay on civil disobedience that influenced Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. D. the author whose books on the natural world inspired landscape artists across the country
What impact did world war one have on Germany
How did Europeans and Native Americans benefit from the Columbian Exchange?
How did the european dominaion and colonizatio of america change the continent?
In the early 1800s, European countries competed for colonies inĀ _________?

Which one of these performers was important to hard bop jazz


Two notable hard bop jazz artists are Miles Davis and Duke Ellington.

Answer: Kenny G

Explanation: APEX

The people who wrote the Constitution were known as _____.Select the best answer from the choices provided.
A. Republicans
B. Anti-Federalists
C. Congressmen


Congressmen. So basically c

In order to become president of the United States, the candidate must win a majority of the votes in the electoral college. Each state has a certain number of electoral votes. How is it decided how many electoral votes a state gets?A.
It is based on where the state is located.
It is based on how the state voted in the last election.
It is based on how much the state pays in taxes.
It is based on the state's representation in Congress.


It is decided by the state's representation in Congress.

The correct option is D.

How to become president in the U.S.?

The people do not elect the president and vice president directly.

Instead, "electors" choose them through the Electoral College process.

After you cast your presidential ballot, the results are tabulated statewide.

In 48 states and Washington, D.C., the winner receives all the state's electoral votes.

Thus, the correct option is D, It is based on the state's representation in Congress.

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D. It is based on the state's representation in Congress.


Which two actions by the federal government were attempts to preserve the union in the face of a bitter quarrel over slavery?A) Kansas- Nebraska Act and Tariff of 1828

B) Monroe Doctrine and Northwest Ordinance

C) Gadsden Purchase and Homestead Act

D) Missouri Compromise and compromise of 1820


A the Kansas-Nebraska Act and Tariff of 1828

What was the effect of the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions?


The Kentucky Resolutions, authored by Jefferson, went further than Madison's Virginia Resolution and asserted that states had the power to nullify unconstitutional federal laws.

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Answer:The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 were Democratic-Republican responses to the Alien and Sedition Acts passed earlier that same year by a Federalist-dominated Congress. Drafted in secret by future Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the resolutions condemned the Alien and Sedition Acts as unconstitutional and claimed that because these acts overstepped federal authority under the Constitution, they were null and void.


Describe the attempts of the various European colonists to convert native peoples to their belief systems. How did these attempts compare to one another? What were the results of each effort?


These attempts of the various European colonists to convert native peoples to their belief systems.

Spanish- Forceful, often pressed it upon people they'd conquered.

- Missionaries

French- Jesuits, like Spanish missionaries

Dutch- Had religious diversity, but it doesn't look like they were particularly focused on conversion

English- Puritans also attempted to convert- Aggressive expansion

-Towns for converts.

The Puritans were English Protestants who believed that the Church of England needed to become more Protestant and had not been fully reformed when they sought to purge the Church of England of Roman Catholic practices in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Only a small subset of people, designated as "the elect," according to Puritans, were rescued. The rest of humanity has been condemned to hell for all time. The Puritans lived in a perpetual state of spiritual worry, looking for indications of God's favor or wrath, yet nobody knew if they were saved or doomed.

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Final answer:

European attempts to convert Native Americans varied, with the Spanish enforcing Catholicism through the Encomienda system, which led to resistance like the Pueblo Revolt. The French and Dutch focused more on trade and alliances, showing less aggressive conversion attempts, but all ultimately contributed to significant changes in Indigenous lifestyles.


European colonists' attempts to convert Native peoples to their belief systems varied significantly depending on their origins and intentions. The Spanish colonists, for example, pursued the forceful imposition of Catholicism with the Encomienda system, which often resulted in rebellion and resistance, as evidenced in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Meanwhile, the French and Dutch had more modest expectations regarding conversion and instead focused on trade and alliances, leading to somewhat less direct confrontation over religious matters. Nonetheless, all these efforts were part of a larger drive for colonization that ultimately brought devastation through disease and conflict, transforming the Indigenous way of life.