A swester is 20 dollars and is on ssle for 12 dollars. What percentage off


Answer 1

12 dolars / 20 dolars

the percentage is

(20-12) / 20

= 8/20

= 40 %

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I think they are asking the area of the triangle so we are going with that.

Step-by-step explanation:

Easiest way to do this is find the area of the incomplete square, and then cut that in half for the triangle.

so it is 4 cm wide

and 8 cm tall

length x width = area

8 x 4 = 32

32/2 = 16

So your answer should be 16 cm


I really don't know how to calculate this question.

(3 tan 45°)(4 sin 60°)-(2 cos 30°)(3 sin 30°)



9\,\sin(60^\circ), which is equal to \displaystyle (9√(3))/(2).

Step-by-step explanation:

An angle of 45^\circ corresponds to an isosceles right triangle: the length of the two legs (adjacent and opposite) would be equal. Accordingly:

\displaystyle \tan(45^\circ) = \frac{\text{Opposite Leg}}{\text{Adjacent Leg}} = 1.

Let A denote the measure of an angle. Double-angle identity for sine:

2\, \sin(A) \cdot \cos(A) = \sin(2\, A).

By this identity:

\begin{aligned}& (2\, \cos(30^\circ)) \cdot (3\, \sin(30^\circ)) \n &= 3\, (2\, \cos(30^\circ) \cdot \sin(30^\circ)) \n &= 3\, \sin(2 * 30^\circ) \n &= 3\, \sin(60^\circ)\end{aligned}.

(A = 30^\circ in this instance.)


\begin{aligned}&(3\, \tan(45^\circ)) \cdot (4\, \sin(60^\circ)) - (2\, \cos(30^\circ)) \cdot (3\, \sin(30^\circ)) \n &= 12\, \sin(60^\circ) - 3\, \sin(60^\circ) \n &= 9\, \sin(60^\circ)\end{aligned}.

\displaystyle \sin(60^\circ) = (√(3))/(2). Therefore, \displaystyle 9\, \sin(60^\circ) = (9 √(3))/(2).

What's the elapsed time between 3:40 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.? A. 8 hr. 20 min.
B. 1 hr. 40 min.
C. 10 hr. 20 min.
D. 11 hr.


I can not be B that is for sure It is C hoped that helped
The answer is C. 10 hours and 20 minutes.

What is the x-and y-intercept of the graph 4x -5y =40??



x-intercept = 10

y-intercept = -8

Step-by-step explanation:


To identify the y-intercept, we will need to format the equation in the form y=mx+b. We can start by subtracting 4x from both sides of the equation:


Divide both sides of the equation by the coefficient of y, which is -5:

y=(-4)/(-5) x - 8

The b is representative of the y-intercept in y=mx+b.

Identify b in the equation y=(-4)/(-5) x - 8:


Therefore, our y-intercept is -8.

To solve for the x-intercept, replace the y in the equation y=(-4)/(-5) x - 8 with a zero:

0=(-4)/(-5) x - 8

Add 8 to both sides of the equation:

8=(-4)/(-5) x

You can go ahead and divide -4 by -5 to get rid of the fraction:


Divide both sides of the equation by the coefficient of x, which is 0.8:


Therefore, our x-intercept is 10.

A cinema seats 280 people. if 98 people are in the cinema, what percentage of the seats are filled ?


35 percent. Helps if you turn it into a fraction. so 98/280 is the same as .35 convert to percentage and you get 35%

The total number of seats are 280

Out of this 98 seats are filled

Hence it is expressed in fraction as (98)/(280)

(part out of whole)

To convert any fraction into percentage, we just need to multiply it with 100



= 35 %

Hence 35% of the cinema is filled

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A square has a side length of 2x+1. If the perimeter is 28, what is x?


bearing in mind that a square has 4 equal sides, and the perimeter is the sum of all sides.