Where did monarchs get their power?


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Answer: In some instances, monarchs gain their power through rebellion, war, or making a case for being a better fit for the throne. They can also gain power through inheritance.
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Monarchs historically derived their power from the belief in the divine right, suggesting that their authority came directly from God. In addition to divine right, some monarchs also acquired power through wealth, military force, or hereditary rights. Modern constitutional developments have since curtailed the absolute power of many monarchs.


Historically, monarchs derived their power from the belief in divine right, which postulated that they were chosen by divine entities, such as gods, to rule. This belief system suggested that the authority of a monarch came directly from God, and as such, they were accountable to God alone, leading to unchecked power.

To illustrate, in the medieval period, European monarchs often claimed their power as a divine mandate, codified in the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings. In addition, some monarchs also derived power from their wealth, military force, or heredity.

However, over time, constitutional developments have severely limited the power of monarchs in many countries, relegating many of them to ceremonial roles while real political power rests with democratically elected representatives.

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