Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

distribute 3(5d-3) first

= 15d-9

the expression is now 28+15d-9

combine 28 and -9


bam u now have 15d+19

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Find the range of the graphed function.O
O A. -4sys 8
B. y2-4
O C. -4 sys 9
D. yis all real numbers.



  see below

Step-by-step explanation:

The "range" is the vertical extent of the graph. This one goes from y=-4 to y=8. Hence the range is ...

  -4 ≤ y ≤ 8

What is the least common denominator of the equation StartFraction 2 Over 9 EndFraction x + two-thirds x = 7?



the answer is b

Step-by-step explanation:

Answer: b

Step-by-step explanation:

The product of a number is not less than 45. The inequality for the statement is.​



x is greater than or equal to 45

Step-by-step explanation:

Determine the circumference of the base of the tin?


By answering the given question, we may state that We can apply the formula if we know the radius: C = 2πr where the radius r is.

what is diameter?

In geometry, a circle's diameter is any straight line segment whose endpoint is on the circle and which passes through its centre. Another name for it is the circle's longest chord. The diameter of a sphere can be defined using either idea. The diameter is the length of the line perpendicular to the two points at either end of the circle. If you think of length as the distance between two points, then diameter is length. The diameter of a circle is the separation between its two farthest points.

We must know the base's diameter or radius in order to calculate the circumference of the tin.

If we know the diameter, we can apply the following formula to determine the circle's circumference:

C = πd

where d is the diameter and C is the circumference.

We can apply the formula if we know the radius:

C = 2πr

where the radius r is.

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<eba and <hbi are congruent angles

Step-by-step explanation:

They are vertical angles, therefore congruent

Share £360 in the ratio 2:7




Step-by-step explanation:

Final answer:

To share £360 in the ratio 2:7, you first find the value of one part by dividing £360 by the total number of ratio parts (9). Then, multiply each part of the ratio by this amount, resulting in £80 and £280.


To share £360 in the ratio 2:7, you first need to understand that the sum of the parts of the ratio (2+7) equals to 9 parts. The amount of £360 should be distributed into these 9 parts.

First, you divide the total amount by the total number of parts:
£360 / 9 = £40.

This result £40 is the value of 1 part. To find the amounts for the ratio 2:7, you multiply each part of the ratio by the value of 1 part:

  • 2 * £40 = £80 which is the amount for the first part of the ratio, and
  • 7 * £40 = £280 which is the amount for the second part of the ratio.

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