Which of these is the triangle proportionality theorem? First person to answer CORRECTLY gets brainliest
Which of these is the triangle proportionality theorem? First person - 1


Answer 1

Answer: A.

Step-by-step explanation: Brainliest plz

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Maria, Zach y Jill comparten una pizza. Maria come la mitad de la pizza, Zach come 4/6 y Jill come 3/12 de la pizza. ¿Quién come más?




Step-by-step explanation:


Necesitamos asegurarnos de que ambas fracciones tengan el mismo denominador para descubrir quién se comió la porción más grande.

  • Jill comió (4)/(6) de la pizza, Zach comió (3)/(12) de la pizza,  y María comió (1)/(2) de la pizza
  • Podemos manipular estas fracciones para que ambas tengan el mismo denominador de 12.
  • Para hacerlo, podemos multiplicar la porción de Jill por (2)/(2) lo que haría su porción  (8)/(12) y la porción de María por (6)/(6) la cual haría su porción (6)/(12)

Ahora podemos comparar las tres fracciones y ver cuál tiene el numerador más grande

  • Comparando (8)/(12) , (3)/(12) , y (6)/(12), podemos ver que 8 > 6 > 3, lo que significa que Jill comió más pizza


We need to make sure both fractions have the same denominator to figure out who ate the bigger portion.

  • Jill ate (4)/(6) of this pizza Zach ate (3)/(12) of the pizza, and Maria ate (1)/(2) of the pizza
  • We can manipulate these fractions so they all have the same denominator of 12.
  • To do so, we can multiply Jill's portion by (2)/(2) which would make her portion (8)/(12) and Maria's portion by (6)/(6) which would make her portion (6)/(12)

Now we can compare the three fractions and see which one has the larger numerator

  • Comparing (8)/(12) , (3)/(12) , and (6)/(12) we can see that  8 > 6 > 3 which means Jill ate more pizza

Which figures demonstrate a single reflection?

Select each correct answer.



Please see the attached image below, to find more information about the graph

The figures that are obtained by a single reflection are shown in the image inside a red rectangle.

The axis of reflection is shown with a black line.

- The figure from the left shows horizontal reflection

- The figure from the right shows vertical reflection

Write this small number in standard form. 0.00078




Hope it helps you

7.8^ -4 is scientific notation

Data was collected for 300 fish from the North Atlantic. The length of the fish (in mm) is summarized in the GFDT below. Lengths (mm) Frequency
140 - 143 1
144 - 147 16
148 - 151 71
152 - 155 108
156 - 159 83
160 - 163 18
164 - 167 3

What is the class boundary between the sixth and seventh classes?



Class Boundary = 1 between the sixth and seventh classes.

Step-by-step explanation:

              Lengths (mm)                   Frequency

1.                  140 - 143                                  1

2.                 144 - 147                                 16

3.                 148 - 151                                 71

4.                 152 - 155                              108

5.                 156 - 159                               83

6.                 160 - 163                                18

7.                  164 - 167                                 3

The class boundary between two classes is the numerical value between the starting value of the higher class, which is 164 for the 7th class in this case, and the ending value of the class of the lower class, which is 163 for the 6th class in this case.

Therefore the class boundary between the sixth and seventh classes

= 164 - 163  = 1

Therefore Class Boundary = 1.

It can be seen that class boundary for the frequency distribution is 1.

If we take the difference between the lower limits of one class and the lower limit of the next class then we will get the class width value.

Therefore, Class width,

w = lower limit of second class - lower limit of first class

   = 144 - 140

   = 4

Determine the number of solutions for systems x+y=2 and 2x+2y=8



no solutions

Step-by-step explanation:



Multiply the first equation by -2

-2x -2y = -4

Add this to the second equation

-2x -2y = -4



0x+0y = 4


This is never true

so there are no solutions

Determine what information you would need to know in order to use SAS to show that the triangles are congruent



Option D

Step-by-step explanation:

We already have two reasons to support two sides. We have the reflexive property and that the base is divided by a midpoint. So we will need an angle.

Also, AC is the median so it divides into two congruent angles and parts

Option D, because the reflexive property is then included in that part