The rate at which resources are used up and waste generated compared to the rate at which the environment replenishes them and absorbs waste is called the __________________________ _________________________.


Answer 1

Answer: ecological footprint


The ecological footprint is used to measure the demand by individuals on natural capital. This method is being promoted by Global Footprint Network so that the quantity of nature that is required to support an economy can be estimated.

The ecological footprint simply has to do with the forest area, sea area, farm land, grazing land etc that are required to provide the economy with what they need.

Therefore, the answer is ecological footprint.

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The basic concepts of financial management are the same for all businesses, regardless of how they are organized. However, a firm's legal structure affects its operations. The main forms of business organizations are: (1) proprietorships, (2) partnerships, (3) corporations, and (4) limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs).
Constitutional debt limits are imposed on:____________

An exchange rate used to be


An exchange rate is how much of your country's currency buys another foreign currency. For some countries, exchange rates constantly change, while others use a fixed exchange rate. The economic and social outlook of a country will influence its currency exchange rate compared to other countries. Hope this helps


Determine the price of one country’s currency in terms of another country’s currency.


Jim is meeting with some classmates to discuss a class project. What type of social group is this?


The answer is that in fact social groups have the following types:

A group that meets to discuss a class project would be a primary group on the basis of contact.

This is based on contact (C.H. Cooley)

- Primary group

- Secondary group

A group that meets to discuss a class project would be an in-group on the basis of identification.

This is based on Identification (W.G. Sumner)

- In-group

- Out-group

A group that meets to discuss a class project would be either aformal group or an informal group on the basis of rules and regulations depending on how strict the rules are but a study group is most likely an informal group.

This is based on rules and regulation.

- Formal group

- Informal group

A group that meets to discuss a class project would either be a voluntary group on the basis of structure.

This is based on structure (Dwight Sanderson)

- Voluntary group

- Involuntary group

- Delegate group

A group that meets to discuss a class project would be a pro-social group on the basis of relation to society.

This is based on relation to society (George Hassen)

- Un-social group

- Pseudo-social group

- Anti-social group

- Pro-social group

Answer: Secondary group

This is an example of a secondary group. Secondary groups are a type of social group that usually have impersonal, short term connections. These are the type of groups that are found at work and school, and that typically are only formed in order to achieve a particular goal. More importantly, these connections exist only in a limited context.

In "role cultures" reliable workers follow formal designation of responsibility with utmost respect for regulations and laws. True or False





In simple words, Organizations with a position of culture shall be governed by rules. They are heavily restricted, with everybody in the institution aware of their powers and tasks. Authority throughout the role of culture is calculated by the job position of the individual in the management structure.

Role cultures were mostly constructed on comprehensive management systems that are usually big and strong with a hierarchical organizational structure. As a result, decision-giving in position belief systems can often be incredibly slow as well as the institution is less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

Which of the following modern holidays is a mixture between an ancient Celtic festival and Christian celebration?Christmas
New Year’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day





christmas is a celebration of one god. which cristains have only one god.




Celts celebrated Yule at the time of winter solstice. They had many traditions still common today like decorated trees and mistletoe. The norse god thor also has ties to santa because he rode a chariot and delivered presents to children at the end of the year.

If a person were to say that all ethical beliefs of any culture should be absolutely tolerated, that would indicate that their ethical orientation is:__________.


Their ethical orientation would be absolute (strong) relativism


Absolute(strong) relativism is defined as the idea or the doctrine of believing that there is no single truth or universal truth and every person has their own version of the truth. Here the idea of knowledge and morality go hand in hand with certain elements of the society like culture and historical context.

There are different types of relativism, such as anthropological, descriptive, philosophical and normative. In other words it is an ideology which means that all points, regardless of who says it are valid.

Why are there so much government regulation involving social responsibility?


Social responsibility is a very broad term, & it can relate to a lot of things. For example, this can mean your responsibilities as a citizen, or political issues going on right now, & speaking your opinion. The government regulates all of this, because we as citizens have a right, & should participate in making our country better. Those responsibilities include voting, or going to your senator if you as major problems. The political side the government regulates, because this can lead to conflict.