Kasey has 8 packages of gelatin. She plans to fill molds that each take 1 1/3 packages of gelatin.Each mold can be divided into 6 servings. How many servings of gelatin can Kasey make?


Answer 1


multiply 1 1/3 by 8x6 and see how many packages

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A(n) _____ that is perpendicular to a chord bisects the chord.radius chord angle diameter
A 3 ft by 5 ft wooden board has three equally sized circles cut out of it. A penny will be randomly tossed onto the board. What is the probability the penny will fall through any of the holes?
Dind the elapsed time the hours and minuts​
Drive Down is a racing video game. The game gives each player an initial amount of $5,000 in virtual money. After that, a player gets $500 in virtual money for each race won. What function represents the amount of virtual money a player has in terms of the number of races won?The independent quantity is the (blank), and the dependent quantity is the (blank). The function representing the situation is (blank).Ist blank choices- A.) amount of virtual money B.) number of races completed C.) number of races won 2nd blank choices- A.) amount of virtual money B.) number of races completed C.) number of races won 3rd blank choices- A.) y=500x-5,000 B.) y=5,000x+500 C.) 5,000x-500 D.) y=500x+5,000
Juan has 2 1/4 yards of ribbon to make bows. Each bow is made from a piece of ribbon that is 1/4 yard long. How many bows can Juan make?

Based on a Comcast​ survey, there is a 0.8 probability that a randomly selected adult will watch​ prime-time TV​ live, instead of​ online, on​ DVR, etc. Assume that seven adults are randomly selected. Find the probability that fewer than three of the selected adults watch​ prime-time live.


Answer: Our required probability is 0.004672.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

Number of adults = 7

Probability of getting adult will watch prime time TV live = 0.8

We need to find the probability that fewer than 3 of the selected adults watch prime time live.

We will use "Binomial Distribution":

here, n = 7

p = 0.8

So, P(X<3)=P(X=0)+P(X=1)+P(X=2)

So, it becomes,



So, probability that fewer than 3 of the selected adult watch prime time live is given by


Hence, our required probability is 0.004672.

Final answer:

This problem relates to the binomial distribution and requires us to find the sum of binomial probabilities for 0, 1, and 2 successes (adults watching live TV) out of seven trials (the seven randomly selected adults).


This question is utilizing the concept of binomial distribution. The probability of a randomly selected adult watching prime-time TV live is 0.8. We want to find the probability that fewer than 3 out of 7 randomly selected adults watch prime-time live.

We find this by adding up the probabilities for 0, 1, and 2 adults watching live TV using the binomial distribution formula: P(X=k) = C(n, k) * (p^k) * ((1-p)^(n-k)), where C(n, k) denotes the number of combinations of n items taken k at a time, p is the probability of success, and n is the number of trials.

We get:

  • P(X=0) = C(7, 0) * (0.8^0) * ((1-0.8)^(7-0))
  • P(X=1) = C(7, 1) * (0.8^1) * ((1-0.8)^(7-1))
  • P(X=2) = C(7, 2) * (0.8^2) * ((1-0.8)^(7-2))

Adding these up will give the total probability that fewer than three adults out of seven watch prime-time live.

Learn more about Binomial Distribution here:



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Step-by-step explanation:

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Barker and Associates specialize in corporate law. They charge $125 an hour for researching a case, $80 an hour for consultations, and $250 an hour for writing a brief. Last week one of the attorneys spent 8 hours consulting with her client, 12 hours researching the case, and 15 hours writing the brief. What was the weighted mean hourly charge for her legal services



Weighted mean hourly charge = $168.28 (Approx)


Charge for research = $125 per hour

Charge for consultations = $80 per hour

Charge for writing a brief = $250 per hour

Research work = 12 hour

Consultations = 8 hour

Writing = 15 hour


Total hours = 12 + 8 + 15 = 35 hours

Total charge for researching = $125 × 12 = $1,500

Total charge for consulting = $80 × 8 = $640

Total charge for writing = $250 × 15 = $3,750

Total charge = $5,890

Weighted mean hourly charge = 5890 / 35

Weighted mean hourly charge = $168.28 (Approx)

A relation includes the coordinate (3,3). What other coordinate must be included in the relation if it is even?


let's not forget that when a relation is "even" f(-x) = f(x), or namely any negative of "x" yields the same result as any positive one.

if this relation is "even" and has (3 , 3), where x = 3, then if we were to plug f(-3) we should get a result or y-value of the same 3, giving us a point of (-3 , 3).

At the zoo there were 5 times as many tigers as lion Tom counted a total of 54 tigers and lions how many.tigers were there?




Step-by-step explanation:


divide 5 by both sides


sorry if I am wrong but I tried my best

the larger angle of two complementary angles is four times as large of the smaller angle find the measurement of the smaller angle


The answer is: 18° .
x + 4x = 90 ; solve for "x"
 5x = 90 ;
 Divide EACH SIDE of the equation by "5"; to isolate "x" on one side of the equation; and to solve for "x" ;
  5x / 5 = 90 / 5 ;
       x = 18  ;   The answer is: 18° .